Sunday Evening Art Gallery — My Favorites

You all know that I absolutely LOVE my Sunday Evening Art Gallery. Through the years I have found one fantastic artist after another, one fantastic movement after another, and one interesting interpretation after another. I truly hope you get as much enjoyment perusing through the Galleries as I do creating them.

But, you may ask …  after posting unique and surreal art every week, what are your favorites?

I’m so glad you asked!

Here, for your art walk pleasure, are some of my favorite items (in no particular order) from some of my favorite Galleries over at the Gallery itself (and, mind you, this is the most difficult thing I’ve done all week!)


Clark Little




Cathedral Windows 


Tokuhiro Kawai


Evening in Paris


Bisa Butler


Leonid Afremov


Liu Bolin


Melissa Schmidt




Yayoi Kusama


Matt Molloy




It was amazingly difficult to choose so few of my favorites. Every artist was chosen because they are my favorite. Take time and wander through the gallery some time. Tell you friends! Your groups! Your best friend’s cousin’s friend!

Love you all … 


19 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — My Favorites

  1. I had such a hard time picking just these few… I tell you. Most .. if not ALL… of the unique art I showcase just tickles me to the moon and back. I just LOVE these artists’ imaginations! Thank you!❤️


  2. Hard to pick just one, so I chose two: the time lapse photos and the waves were astonishingly beautiful. They were all wonderful, but these are my favs. (I feel a need to buy something.) I so enjoy your site!


  3. It was soooo hard to pick! I mean, I try to cover all genres, styles, and unique points of view for the Gallery. Everyone sees every day art every day — but most never see art such as miniatures, art on tea bags, decorator cakes, volcanoes, clouds, Russian Nesting Dolls — the list goes on. Thank you for sticking around.


  4. These are fantastic! Hard to choose a favorite of the favorites. Creative overload! 🌠 BTW, I mentioned/linked to you in my post this morning. 💐


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