I DO KNOW Something, Jon Snow!

Self Portrait

I know everything. Just like the Genie. Just Ask Me.

“You know nothing, John Snow.”

Truth is, we all know what we need to survive and that’s about it.

Now survival is a big category. It’s life and death and everything in-between. We know how to wash dishes to get the germs off the plates and water plants so they don’t die in your window. We know how to fix scratches and cuts on little ones’ toes and elbows, and know how to hug someone who just needs a hug.

The rest of the world in-between is all… what’s that phrase … catch-as-catch-can. (This phrase is so old I had to look it up [1833] — I thought it was catcher’s cat can.)

The world can’t be controlled, masterminded, cleaned up, or understood. All we can do is the best we can for ourselves, our families and friends, our neighborhoods, and our little section of the planet.

So back to the beginning nonsense.

I know what works in my world. And many worlds around me. And I’m here this morning to share this knowledge with you.

Most of you, my friends, already know what I’m going to say. I say it all the time.


Get that Creativity out there!

  •  Draw pictures with others — kids, grandparents. Have a coloring party night with the girls! Pull out a bottle of wine or Cherry 7-Up and a huge box of colored pencils and gel pens and find your inspiration and go for it!
  • Start — or improve — that blog you’ve been thinking about for so long. Articles too long? Too many pictures? Is anybody learning anything? Who will read it? Who will listen? Who cares? Use the creative process to create your own style, pick a topic, add your own pictures, and get it out there. Looks good on a resume (not that you’ll ever need one) and, believe me, it takes a while to find your style and voice.
  • I’m a writer, so I’m always promoting writing first. Surprise. The point is, I have picked up on a few of my friends’ desires to write, and I have been encouraging them every time they mention it. You don’t have to be an expert at it — but they might be. Help make them feel GOOD about themselves. Crafts do that.
  • Label yet don’t Label. Are you interested in Medieval Music? Modern Pop Art? Making swirl galaxies out of beads? A sign maker? There is one truth about any artist. Anywhere.
      • (needed a sub dot for this) THERE IS NO ONE KIND OF ARTIST. We are all artists — every one of us. Even if we never lift a guitar or a paintbrush. If you look at a sunset and say “wow” or enjoy the texture of a chenille blanket, you’re an artist.
      • Figure out what types of art attract you and find a way to become a part of them. Even collectors of music, salt thrones, and seashells are artists. Show off your work. Ask others questions. Learn!
  •  Talk to other creative people. This point is electric. It’s truly magical. Artists love their craft. They love to explore it, talk about it, practice it. Most artists keep this enthusiasm under wraps, because not everyone else is as into it as they are. When you find fellow artists, don’t be afraid to open up. Get them to open up. Find a way to explore the Arts together. Find a way to encourage each other to continue experimenting and exploring.
  •  Make time. Nothing is a bigger, flatter, more obvious an excuse (albeit legit) for not playing around with clay or gel pens or bead art or woodworking than I DON’T HAVE ANY TIME. Make time, damnit! This is for YOU. You go this way only once….

I hear the gears grinding. Monday mornings are good for that. I myself am going to go take a shower then work on some suncatchers. I have a book about returning to France that I’m really wanting to start writing, and some plants to repot to turn my home into a garden paradise. Oh yeah … and those bulbs and lavender need planting…and the bead art my daughter-in-law gave me …

I hear YOUR gears grinding too. Get started today!

“You do know something, Jon Snow!”


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