Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Fefe Talavera

From small shells and Amazonian beads, Brazilian-Mexican artist Fefe Talavera strings together elaborate masks that fuse ancient mythologies and contemporary urban culture.

Born in 1979, Talavera was brought up as a native half Mexican, half Brazilian in São Paulo.

Interested in all kind of “underground” movements, the typical and unique stylistic freedom of the internationally renowned Street Art and Graffiti scene of her hometown made an important impression on the artist.

Talavera is also influenced by Mayan or Aztec mythologies and her Mexican heritage
Her raw creative energy thus found much more correspondence in the angled, tribal‐like style she developed.Talavera is also well known for her vibrant silhouettes painted in acrylic and her large-scale murals that embellish expressive faces with stripes, symmetries, and various geometric patterns.

But for today’s gallery, it is her intricate beadwork that leads us to find out more about her fresh style.

Her masks are an amalgam of color, motif, and material that blur cultural boundaries and the tenuous distinction between humanity and nature.

More of Fefe Talavera‘s intricate and bright artwork can be found at and



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