Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Vinnie Sutherland

Vinnie Sutherland is a metalworking artist living in western Michigan.After receiving a BFA from Wayne State University in Detroit,  Sutherland did a year of post graduate work focusing on Cliche-Verre, a photo-printmaking process.For the next 16 years or so she worked hand drawn, nature themed designs into various metals until the purchase of her first etching press in 2019.Sutherland’s art is created out of a sheet of pewter, which is manually rolled through an etching press layered with petals, seeds, and wildflowers.Each pass through the press allows for the additional layering in of the background.She often works with aluminum and copper as well, and always incorporates enameled copper tiles into her compositions. After being embossed, the pewter is rubbed with black paint and various inks, and preserved with a museum grade wax.“I am amazed and inspired on a daily basis by the natural world that surrounds me,” the artist shares.“While I endeavor to explore this world even more intensely through my art, I keep in mind the vision expounded by the artisans of the Arts and Crafts movement — that moral and spiritual uplift will come with the creation of art by hand.”

More of Vinnie Sutherland‘s marvelous metalwork can be found at

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