Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Eric Ross Bernstein

Eric Ross Bernstein is a freelance artist and designer based in Los Angeles.After graduating with a degree in architecture from Cornell University, he co-founded the design collective Hither Yon, then worked as an architect at Studio Jeppe Hein.Bernstein’s graphic novel Parallels explores fundamental human experiences like love, anxiety, language, and memory.

The art in Parallels chronicles the travels of an introspective wanderer in search of personal truths in the alternate realities of his parallel selves.“There is a place where mountains blow in the wind, where memories are floating orbs bobbing above the head, where words expire when left unspoken,” Bernstein reflects.In ten fantastical fables, the narrator sets out to illuminate the interconnectedness of the multiverse while seeking answers to his deepest questions.“My illustrations and their accompanying stories reimagine fundamental human experiences like thoughts, language, bliss and fear.”Bernstein’s illustrations are three dimensional, other-worldly, and yet personal, touching each viewer differently.

More of Eric Ross Bernstein’s work can be found at and Boom.



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