Sunday Evening Art Gallery — ​Justyna Wołodkiewicz


Justyna Wołodkiewicz is a Contemporary Embroidery Artist from Poland who specializes in three-dimensional embroidery.

Taking inspiration from her surroundings as well as a strong awareness of her own creative process, Wołodkiewicz uses vibrant colors and breadth of contrasting textures and shapes to create finished pieces that are both technically complicated and incredibly whimsical. She specializes in combining tiny abstract sculptures (made of bright colored polymer clay)  with traditional art of stitching by hand.The clay is baked in the oven before implementing.Then everything is composed: threads, sculptures, colors, textures.When Wołodkiewicz designs her art she feels like all these candies are dancing in her circle.Her choices are intuitive and spontaneous, a subconscious translation of bouquets of feelings.Some pieces follow the harmony rules, resembling splashed rainbows; others are footprints of exploration into conflict and ambivalence.“Since the art lives in my heart, it will evolve together with me,” Wołodkiewicz says.“The message will become clearer and clearer. Therefore I love to explore constantly realms of spirituality, energy and self-healing.”More of ​Justyna Wołodkiewicz‘s amazing embroidery can be found at



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