Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Timothy Nevaquaya

Timothy Nevaquaya is an award winning and celebrated Comanche artist and flutist from Apache, Oklahoma.He is traditionally trained and apprenticed for many years under his father’s tutelage in both southern plains Indian art and Native American courting flute.Since early childhood, Nevaquaya has sought to learn as much as possible about his culture, spending time with his father and other tribal elders who provided the information which has continued to inspire him throughout his career.As a child, Tim Nevaquaya spent many hours at the end of his father’s drafting table, learning the basic principles in Native American art forms, as well as flute making and music composition.By the age of 12, Nevaquaya was composing music on his father’s flutes, and by the age of 14, Nevaquaya was making flutes, thus starting his own career in Native American performing and visual arts.Today, Nevaquaya is one of a few Comanche artists working in traditional and contemporary style of Indian art.“About a decade ago I had a real creative breakthrough, where I found myself literally up all night, exploring a more abstracted point of view,” Nevaquaya shares.“The more I explored, the more came through in regards to colour and design.” He explained. “I felt these were the most interesting and beautiful pieces I’d done.”More of Timothy Nevaquaya‘s authentic American art can be found at True West Gallery.


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