#PoeticThursday . . . Forest Sprite

To go along with my lovely faerie artist… from a faerie artist ..



    Forest Sprite III

    ‘Twas a night of full moon splendor
    I lay restless in my bed,
    A haunting, magic melody
    Danced rainbows in my head;

    Sleep was not an option,
    My mind now full awake –
    I grabbed my coat and lantern
    Thought a midnight walk I’d take;

    I wandered toward the wooded path,
    The night was full of sound,
    The moon cast eerie shadows
    On the dampened leaf strewn ground;

    Now entering the forest dark
    I thought I saw a light
    Away off in the distance
    In the misty woodland night;

    My ears detected laughter
    And music crystal clear –
    A most enchanting fairy ring
    From nowhere did appear;

    Tiny dancing fairies spun
    In circles round and round –
    Their tiny wings did flutter
    As they hovered o’er the ground;

    Rainbow colored forest sprites
    Did chase each other after,
    Then tumble down upon the ground
    In giggling fits…

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