What About Tomorrow?

Duality, Daniel Arrhakis

I am writing this blog on a Friday night for a Saturday morning.

How do I know what I’ll want to talk about in the morning?

We all live in such duality. We live in today and tomorrow. Today and yesterday. We live in the moment and in the future.

How do we keep ourselves straight?

How do we know if we’re coming or going?

Most of us are in a jumble day in and day out anyway. The pressures of work, kids, housecleaning, doctor appointments, bill paying — there’s always something to do. To feel. We are hardly in the moment before the moment becomes tomorrow. And yesterday becomes last year.

As you can tell, it’s been one of those days where reality has blurred and whirled by me before I could catch my breath. Perhaps that’s a side effect of being retired. You have so much you want to accomplish and so much still to accomplish and so much that you have accomplished that it’s hard to compartmentalize. Yesterday really was a few years ago. Tomorrow is really yesterday in a blink of an eye.

Don’t you just love how the world ying and yangs us through life?

I really think that’s what makes the world go round. The yings and the yangs. Turning today into tomorrow into yesterday. Once you realize time is fluid you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or getting lost or repeating yourself. 

You will already have fixed the mistake, found your way, or said something for the first time.

At least in one of your timelines….


10 thoughts on “What About Tomorrow?

  1. Yes, we do need more “me” time and we ourselve are the only one who can, no one else is going to tell us, hey, have a break, you earned it !


  2. It is the only way to make it last, isn’t it? Even though that in itself is an illusion too. I remember a moment I created for myself not long ago where no one was around and I just sat outside in the sunshine. No thinking, no feeling except for telling myself the moment is now. It sounds so simple and it was so powerful yet I haven’t done it again in a while. We need more “me” time.


  3. I know the feeling, my days are too short, a week is nothing and a year is over before you know it. I think it is because we have always so much to do, so much to think off. But once in a while you have to let go and take a break, look arround and say; this was it for today, I’m having a bit of “me” time. Tomorrow is another day and the work doesn’t run away 😀


  4. One of my quotes sums up my thoughts on yesterday, tomorrow, and today …
    “Time hears no commands”
    I got out of bed at 9.30am, and it the blink of an eye it is now 3.50pm,

    morning has passed me by,
    daylight has grown wings and learnt to fly,
    and twilight will turn night,
    before I begin to write


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