Poetry. Again.

I was going to start off the week talking about my past week, my remodeling disasters and my attempts at crafting.

But I think I’ll talk about poetry. Again.

Sunday evening I went through my reader and started some long-overdue reading,  and noticed that this time of year seems to bring out the poet in people. 

You people are good. Really good.

You have the right rhythm, pacing, and imagery to bring my mind in line with where you are. Or where you want us to be.

There is just something, about words. Creative words.

Since I’m sooooo into Creativity, I could also show off Buddha Busts from the Alchemist’s Studio, or a Things in Motion painting by Tiffany Arp-Daleo, or a photo of a stumpy willow entitled Misty Cotswold Reflections by Candia, or my favorite subject, Chicklets, in a Valentine’s Day float at Rethinking Life’s blog.

But then I’d have to write a whole new blog. 

Have time? Check ’em out.

Keep going, poets. 




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