Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry is a contemporary British artist best known for his ceramic vessels, printed tapestries, and designs.

Over the Rainbow

Perry is best known for his ceramics, which draw on both the aesthetics of classical pottery and on contemporary iconography.

Boring Cool

Perry’s forms and content are always incongruous: classic Grecian-like urns bearing friezes of car-wrecks, cell-phones, supermodels, as well as more dark and literary scenes, often incorporate auto-biographical references.


Perry’s vases have classical forms and are decorated in bright colors, depicting subjects at odds with their attractive appearance.

Found Body

There is a strong autobiographical element in his work which often features his alter ego, Claire, which narrates a troubled childhood.

Two Children

“I draw as a collagist, juxtaposing images and styles of mark-making from many sources,” he said of his practice.

I Want to Be an Artist

“The world I draw is the interior landscape of my personal obsessions and of cultures I have absorbed and adapted, from Latvian folk art to Japanese screens.”

Barbaric Splendor

Some of Perry’s major themes include the roles of gender, class, taste, and religion in contemporary life, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Saint Claire 37 wanks Across Northern Spain

More of Grayson Perry‘s pottery and paintings can be found at and 



4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Grayson Perry

  1. That’s a perfect way to describe them. With an edge. Reading about the artist, he is married with kids, and is a cross dresser to boot. I think that kind of background is fertile ground for creativity, don’t you think?

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