Have You Started Being Creative Yet This Year?

Here it is, only January 6th in this grand new year of 2022, and I’m already bugging you, asking if you’ve started on your “art” projects for the year.

Here in the Midwest it’s supposed to be only 9°F by the weekend. I’m busy thinking about keeping warm, let alone artsy crafty things.

But yet this is the time of year most of us start planning and preparing for the coming year. The coming spring and summer. Art fairs, garden projects, painted signs and landscapes and new numbers on our mailboxes.

Now, I don’t imagine many of us know today what we will want to display in June, but there is always some sort of creativity dancing around our auras, teasing and tempting us with new ideas and directions.

I don’t have much energy to dance with my aura at the moment.

But I do have some ideas already.

I have a little granddaughter I adore, one who loves unicorns and My Little Ponies. I’m thinking of making her — AND me — a fairy garden this spring. I’m still in the dreaming stage — I don’t know if I want a big saucer-like creation, or a little corner of the yard, or even a tiered fiasco. I admit I try not to wander Pinterest and the Internet in general for ideas, for each one brings ten more ideas into focus.

I also think about making some Buddhist stacking stone monuments around my property (they are gestures of asking or wishing for good fortune to be bestowed on the stacker and his/her family), but I need to find some stones first. Not in this weather, though.

Every day I try and go down to my library/craft room and make some Angel Tears. They may not have much sparkle in the cloudy winter, but before you know it the breezes will be blowing and the art fairs will be calling and I’ll be in need of stock.

But that’s just me.

What about you? Any creative muses knocking at your door these days? I know for some of you it is summertime. What are ya doin’? What new projects are you entertaining?

Maybe it’s just me having too much wandering mind time. I tend not to wander far from my blanket, music, computer, or hot chocolate this time of year.

But, as the wise Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”



23 thoughts on “Have You Started Being Creative Yet This Year?

  1. I too feel that connection to you as well!

    Yes, it is definately a time to be ‘thinking about’ rather than doing. And isn’t that what writing is all about, putting our thoughts onto paper (or the screen in front of us)? After publishing my book this past weekend I thought I would be burned out and not be able to write for awhile but I surpised myself! I think the relief of having that project out of the way allowed my brain to finally concentrate on something else.

    And I can see that you obviousy have a deep appriciation for poetry even if you don’t write it. All us poets need people like you. You are who we write for!


  2. I love that you are always moving forward! I am planning on going through your work and purchasing one in the future. I am finishing up my craft library now and I think I have a perfect spot for something wild and beautiful — like your work!


  3. Oh my goodness! What is sashiko stitching? I’m going to look that up today! I love Japanese art. All its forms. I love their paintings and their cloisonné and their craft works. Maybe that’s why I keep watching Chinese or Japanese movies with English subtitles —

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  4. I really hope you take a picture of that table runner and send it to me so I can see it! I’ll devote a blog to “finished winter projects.” Ha! Maybe I’ll even have something to put into it! And I too am busy working around the house, catching up on odds and ends before I spend Spring outside.

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  5. I am so connected to you! That’s how I feel too. It SHOULD be the time to do in-house projects. But something about bundling up prevents us from moving around a whole lot. It is a time of planning and restrospecting and feeling the shift inside your soul. Writing is the perfect medium for that. I don’t know why I never write poetry… I have a friend from my state writing association that pens such marvelous works. I’m so envious. Yet I feel it’s not quite my arena. Weird. But as you see I DO have Spring things I’m at least thinking about…..

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  6. Every art project needs a technical side to it, too. Proofreading is a BIG side. And I’m sure you have other books in the wings of your aura waiting to be worked on. One creative project at a time!


  7. I love your ideas! I did a fairy garden a couple of years ago, yes, so many ideas on Pinterest! My paintings are never thought out in advance, but I paint every day, so I have a tremendous amount of work that needs to be seen and ideally sold, so my only plan is to sell some stuff this year!


  8. I am working on a table runner, with large scrappy leaves that are fused on and then zig-zagged around the edges. But mostly I am doing odds and ends of tasks I have been meaning to do for a long time. It feels great to check them off the list; I don’t know why I don’t make myself finish things more often! 🙂


  9. I live in a north country as well and what you are saying really resinates with me. All summer long I tell myself all the wonderful projects I’m going to do when it’s too snowy to wander the woods or too cold to play in the garden. But then when winter hits it seems all I want to do it sit and watch the storm clouds go by as they dump feet of snow on us, drink cup after cup of tea and eat dark chocolate.

    But this year seems a bit different. I put a table by the window where I usually sit to watch those clouds, and I keep a pretty notebook and pen there and have found I’m writing at least a poem a day!

    I’m still drinking alot of tea and eating alot of chocolate(the table is very conducive to that) but I feel a bit more productive than usual. And watching winter roll by my window is great inspiration for some deep wintery poems.


  10. I love that Yogi Berra quote. It is so true. I am doing a final edit on Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral. Not so much creative but technical at this point. Itching to start a new project but will be doing that soon. All the best. Stay warm.


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