Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Anne Scarpa McCauley

Anne Scarpa McCauley began making honeysuckle baskets as a girl while out tending goats.Born in Windsor, Vermont, she moved with her family at age four to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.Anne often had the job of taking the herd of about twenty-seven goats to better browsing areas on the large unfenced parts of the property where honeysuckle grew abundantly.While the goats were feasting on the leaves, Anne sometimes made little circles or wreaths for her hair with the nearby honeysuckle vines.At age twelve she made a little basket with her own pattern. It is the same pattern she uses for all her baskets.        Soon after making her first basket, Anne saw a majestic and vivid picture in her mind of a beautiful vase which has been her main guide and inspiration since.The amazing part of Anne’s development is that she has never taken lessons, read books, or talked with other basket makers for ideas on making baskets.    The honeysuckle she uses is kept natural. She does not use coloring or any kind of finish on the honeysuckle or the completed baskets.The skinned honeysuckle starts out light green in color and turns a beautiful gold which deepens the more it’s in the sunlight.More of Anne Scarpa McCauley‘s amazing baskets can be found at




11 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Anne Scarpa McCauley

  1. These are really superb ! Are they all made from honeysuckle vines ?? The light colored ones must be bleaches then or what ?


  2. I love the fact that she was self-taught It might not work in all arts all the time, but some people just have that gift. Even better if you can hone it at school or in a job, but I love that she listened to her creative muse and went for it.

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