Too Much For The Sorting Hat

I am full of thoughts this cool Saturday evening — a lot dancing around is going around in my pumpkin head. Yet I am not in the mood for sorting this eve — even if my sorting hat is not far away. 

So how about I highlight a few Sunday Evening Art Galleries? One where the artist seems quite — in a whirl?


Colin Batty

These are called Victorian Cabinet Cards. These people look like they came out of a cabinet.


Liu Bolon

Come Out, Come Out — Wherever You Are


Face Off

All you need is a little make up — a little prosthetics — and a little creativity


Rene Magritte

Is that an apple in your face? Or are you just happy to see me?


Nightmare Food

Just looking at these delicacies gives me nightmares.


Have a great Saturday Night!

10 thoughts on “Too Much For The Sorting Hat

  1. Yeah .. the music is so vast these days … and like to eclectic and vary what I listen to … mostly from YouTube … try the “Loner Dear” All We Need ..


  2. Last night I couldn’t find them on Amazon Music (except in pay-for limited) but I did find them on You Tube. I like them so much I made a playlist of them! You are so hip — I am in the stone age when it comes to some music. I’m a minor-chord jazz instrumental fan like Ken Navarro or David Benoit. Thank you for the new direction!

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