Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mark Gee

Mark Gee is an award winning photographer, time-lapse filmmaker and digital visual effects supervisor based in Wellington, New Zealand.His love of the New Zealand landscape is a big part of the inspiration for his photography.

Gee has always been interested in the night sky from very early on in life, but never experienced its full effect until he moved to New Zealand in 2003.He often ventures out to the darkest, most remote skies all around the country, enjoying the challenge of combining New Zealand’s striking landscapes with the ethereal beauty of the night sky in new, creative ways.“Planning, patience and persistence is the name of the game,” Gee says.“Believe me, some of my planned shots have taken me over a year to get right.”“Constant obstacles from bad weather and bad timing to landslides and equipment failures all make it a very frustrating pursuit.”“But in the end, after all the failures when you finally do nail the shot, astrophotography then becomes one of the most rewarding forms of photography there is.”More of Mark Gee‘s amazing photographs can be found at


10 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mark Gee

  1. Wow, so gorgeous. So much hidden beyond light pollution. I appreciate photographers like him who show us what we are missing. Thank you for this. I will save his url. 🌃


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