Good Kind of Guilt

I’ve been feeling guilty lately.

I know. I hear you saying “Geez! What now?”

It’s not that kind of guilty. Not a complaint. Its a good kind of guilt. At least for me.

I miss writing.

“What?” you say. “You are a writer! You can write anytime!”


You can. And you can’t.

As creative sprites (like you) know, it takes all you’ve got to be good at your craft. It takes time, dedication, and repitition. Concentration. Devotion.

And that’s just for one craft.

What if you have a couple of passions? Can you love both or three or four of them at 150% 100% of the time?

Love is such a relative word.

Your craft needs your attention and devotion in order to succeed. You can cut corners in your devotion, bit it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Trying to paint something for an art competition? Knitting something for a gift? Promise to make a collage for your friend’s living room?

Just like a 9-5 or part time job, you have commitments.  You have set a particular goal for yourself.

You are obliged to meet that goal.

Yet another craft always seems to be hanging around on the other side of the room. Watching. Waiting impatiently for their turn. Bugging you. Tempting you.

Yes, you can momentarily slip over to the other side to get your fix. But your first commitment will still be there. Waiting expectantly for you to finish.

And after all, isn’t there some hokey saying about ‘My Word is my Bond’?

So it is with me and my Angel Tears.

Love making them, looking forward to my last craft show in a couple of weeks.

But I’ve another “trip” to Paris to write about, and some novels to final proof so I can offer them online. Ive got worlds to explore and stories to create.

Can’t spend all my life gluing mirror squares together, you know.

So that is the extent of my guilt. Alas, I will survive.  Creativity is often seasonal.

I think I just need a couple of more seasons.

How do you balance your creative urges?



12 thoughts on “Good Kind of Guilt

  1. Thank you. Outlets that feed my brain, body, and soul.✨ Breaks, with most things, can be helpful and give us a chance to restore. True, so many ideas and only so much time. While you are contemplating those… paint away!!


  2. Delightful outlets! I feel the same about writing, too. I’ve taken so much leave from it for the past few months that I really am looking forward to returning to it. And as I told Kat, I’m almost tempted by painting too. So many ideas in my head ….

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  3. I’m not very disciplined about mine. On any given day, I work on the one that feels the most interesting. Sad to say, my hand quilting project languishes for months. At this point, I can’t remember why I thought hand quilting was a good thing to do.


  4. Delightful read. I think it helps to have creative passions that balance each other. For example, I love writing, but I need breaks from the computer. Photography and dance get me moving and away from a screen. 💖


  5. I let them feed each other as it’s often better to have more than one thing going. Writing feeds painting and painting feeds writing…….


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