Come On Over!

I was looking through my Sunday Evening Art Gallery the other morning for an artist’s name I wanted to reference in my blog (Richard Savoie) and could not help but marvel at some of the artists I’ve featured through the years. I mean, these people are amazing.

So since I will be out of town for a few days with my family I thought I would share some of the stars of the past and hope you will go check out more of their work for yourself.

Creativity is amazing. In all its forms.

So are all of you.


Sunday Evening Art Gallery


Elizabeth Berrien – Wire Sculpture


Shirley Quaid — Old West Painting


Yayoi KusamaJapanese Installation Art/Infinity Rooms


Glass Houses



Williard Wigan — Miniatures


Nick Veasley — X-Ray Photography



Santiago Rusiñol i PratsSpanish painter



Chris Maynard — Feather Cutting


Ice Sculptures


Spencer Biles — Wild Forest Sculptor


Jennifer Maestre — Pencil Sculptures



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