Sunday Evening Art Gallery — May Parlar


May Parlar is an image based conceptual artist based in Berlin, New York City, and Istanbul.Parlar is an instructor of Art and Design, leading architectural design courses and lectures on sustainability at various universities.Through her photography she can document her reality and, at the same time, recreate it.Placing people and everyday objects in unordinary constructed realities, Parlar explores the human condition and the idea of being.

She often uses outdoor open spaces for her impressive fine art photographs; open landscapes with colorful elements like masses of balloons and accessories separated from human wearers.Most of her works are self-portraits, reflections of her in different shapes and forms.“For me, they are both spontaneous performances turned into an image and playful memories frozen in time,” she says.Her images constantly tell us about the games we play between loneliness and company, between belonging and alienation.

More of May Parlar‘s remarkable photography can be found at



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