Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Freakebana

Freakebana is a new “ugly-cool” way of arranging flowers, coined by Stella Bugbee, Editor In Chief for The Cut.Inspired by magazine covers, Instagram posts and arrangements encountered while out and about, Bugbee wanted to identify the new style she was experiencing, so she coined it Freakebana.Much like the traditions of Ikebana, Freakebana focuses similarly on the lines, shapes and colors of the elements used in the arrangement, but there’s a different take on the style, as incorporated amongst the flowers are an array of unusual add-ins.

The flowers are enchanting, but the look is definitely  … different.There are all sorts of items artfully placed in the arrangement, such as stems and roots, along with vegetables, plastic forks, cans of Spam, and tin cans.Designers use these everyday objects like they would any other media, creating impressive structures that command viewers to see the beauty in their strangeness.This style elevates things often overlooked, emphasizing their potential to become, or contribute to, works of art.

The crazy, different art craze called Freakebana can be found on Internet sites such as The Cut and The Curbed Gallery.



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