Kitty Pain in the Derrière



This is me trying to work on my computer.

This is me this morning trying to write a blog.

Needless to say, kitty is helping me. 

She has pestered me for 10 minutes, after being pushed to the other side of the sofa three times, five times being pushed back and told “no”, and finally allowed to put a paw on my right arm. Which stealthily led to a full stretch across my body.

The tennacity of cats is amazing. They don’t stop. They don’t change tactics. They never give up.

And they always get their way.

Now, I know every cat is different, just like every child is different. Some are scardy cats, some are fat cats, some are bold and sassy cats. Many people don’t care for cats, preferring a loyal and somewhat more subdued dog (except for my two dogs, of course).

But my cat gets an idea in her head and doesn’t stop pushing it until she decides to end it. Then she ends abruptly, turns, and does something completely different.

She is demanding, especially when it comes dinner time. Sometimes she  stands in the middle of the room and meows and meows for no (apparent) reason. She insists on sleeping by my head, both on the sofa and in the bed. 

I do love the fact that cats are more independent than dogs. They nosh all day, rather than gulp their food down in one inhalation (like my dog). They genuinely show their affection, but only when they are in the mood. You come and try to cuddle when they’re busy doing something or taking a nap — forget it. It’s not your time, it’s their time.

She sometimes look into space, alert and curious, as if someone invisible is moving or talking to her. Then she blows off the experience as eh, just another “thing.” I think she sees things I can’t see, hears things I can’t hear. Maybe she is an interpreter. Or a medium. Maybe she is watching a gnat crawl on the wall or dog hair flying in the air.

Most probably she is just a cat.

I do love my kitty. She  is loyal, quirky, and loveable. She will always be my friend for life.

I just wish she’s move her derrière so I could type.



18 thoughts on “Kitty Pain in the Derrière

  1. Ha! My cat has spring/ summer fever too! She’s crazy to go outside, but she only goes out when i go out. THEN she changes her mind 2 minutes later and meows to go back in! Pain in the derrière for sure!


  2. Oh yes, I can relate! My cat has been a nightmare lately, begging to be let out to roam early in the mornings, but she knows she can only go out when I can go with her, but NOT at 5 am!! 😉😻


  3. My cat is loving this warm weather! She spends so much of the day outside. She wakes me up every morning meowing by the back door to go outside. I have to bribe her with tuna to get back into the house at night! 😂


  4. Ha! According to the Purina website, we hear up to around 23 KHz, cats hear up to around 85 KHz ( the sounds that rats and mice make). Also, cats have 32 muscles in each ear, enabling them to move their ears in any direction and each ear independently of the other. Humans have 3 muscles in their ears. We can barely move our ears at all. So I’m all in with the medium description!

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  5. I love this and I’m going with the idea that cats are definitely mediums. The do see and hear things we can see or hear. Absolutely. They have powers we can only imagine.


  6. So cute!!! My cat is sassy and definitely the boss of me, but she can also be sweet and affectionate. Cats are great company, and unlike dogs you have to earn their love.


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