Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Lukasheva


Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Lukasheva is an incredible Origami artist and designer from Moscow, Russia.

The artist has had a fascination with puzzles and construction sets since childhood and first discovered origami in her teens.

With its intricate folds and geometric patterns, there’s a lot of math in origami and Lukasheva would later graduate with honors from Moscow State Lomonosov University as a mathematician and programmer.

As Origami has come to describe a broad field with a number of niche disciplines, Lukasheva’s artwork focuses primarily around modular origami and Kusudama.

Japanese kusudama is created by sewing or gluing multiple identical pyramidal units in various shapes. Lukasheva does all this, but without glue or sewing.

All of her origami is made from one single sheet of paper.

According to the artist: “For me origami is a big conundrum. If you have a blank sheet you compose a conundrum out of it and you assemble this puzzle.

“Since the possibilities of the sheet are endless, I get an endless source of interesting puzzles.”

More of Ekaterina Lukasheva‘s amazing work can be found at



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