Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Ancient Coins

Ancient coins vary greatly in design, quality, and importance. Most were used by everyday people, but some rose above the routines of daily life to become enduring pieces of history. Some commemorate major historical moments in the history of western civilization. Others represent the highest levels of artistic and technical achievement in numismatics, not seen again for over 2,000 years. And still, others are so rare, that only a handful survive today.


Lydian-Lion, 610-600 BCE




1794 Flowing Hair Dollar



1403-1424 Yongle Tongbao, Chinese Ming dynasty



The Portrait Denarius Of Cleopatra And Mark Antony, 32 BCE



The Nero Port Of Ostia Sestertius, 64 AD



1787 Brasher Doubloon



Pharonic Kings of Egypt, Nektanebo II, 360-343 BC



Persian Daric, 520-480 BCE



1343 Edward III Florin



The Titus Colosseum Sestertius, 81-82 AD


11 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Ancient Coins

  1. haha I know what you mean and yes, I hate using my card for a small amount. Seems so silly, but not so silly that we won’t use that as an excuse to not buy the treat! 😁


  2. With a debit card I forget to collect cash. Not a good habit. I hope coins continue to be minted, for I would hate to buy an ice cream cone for a dollar and have the charge show up on my bank statement —

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  3. The work is quite impressive considering the resources available. It reveals a level of honor and attention to craft. Not necessarily an act inspired by free will. Fascinating. I wonder if coins will become a thing of the past, at some point.


  4. I have a “small” collection of coins from the countries we went to as the bank don’t accept the coins, only the notes. And I have a collection of coins from several countries who used to have other coins from before the euro. They are for my grandkids when they are adults, I think before long we’ll all have to pay with our phone….I don’t like the idea cos I like “real” money, but I think we won’t have a say in the matter.


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