Spring Morning Sounds

There is nothing more inspiring than a Spring Morning.

Country sounds are louder, more melodic, than you can imagine. Sitting on my back deck I hear a symphony of sounds: a woodpecker at work in the woods, robins, crows, and a half dozen other birds I can’t identify singing their little hearts out. There’s a bird in the far feeder squawking at any other birds coming near his breakfast, and a squirrel or two chitting and chatting at something moving in and around him.  Now and then an airplane roars past from the heavens, and the neighbor down the way is running his tractor through the fields.

This is when I enjoy sound the most. No blaring TVs, no obnoxious radio stations; no yelling or swearing or scolding.

Most of my life I lived in the suburbs, and there was music out there, too. Just a different tune was played. The morning symphony of birds singing was joined by traffic on the busy street a block away. Summers brought out the sounds of kids in the neighborhood playing (mine included), dogs barking, lawnmowers buzzing, a rumbling truck passing by now and then.

This was when I enjoyed sound the most, too. No blaring TVs, no obnoxious radio stations, no yelling or swearing or scolding.

I think most of us lose touch with the songs of nature along the way. We are in the office from early morning until late afternoon. We are driving here, there, and everywhere. We are at soccer games and grocery stores and classes. We have to deal with computers, telephones, bosses, co-workers, talk shows, housework … the list is endless.

We never get a chance to just sit and listen to life around us. We are too busy, too responsible, too many tasks and not enough time.

I know. I’ve been there. Many days I’m still there.

That’s why everyone needs to take time to listen to the flow of life around them. We need to reconnect with the other side of life. The musical side. The sunshine side. The inspirational side.

No matter what our current situation, there is always time to get inspired. That’s where creativity comes from. Where it feeds from. Where it bursts open and spreads more seeds from.

City, suburb, countryside. It doesn’t matter. Get up early one morning and listen to the sounds around you.

You’ll be surprised how much life is going on — with or without you.


15 thoughts on “Spring Morning Sounds

  1. I’m afraid I am not rich enough to buy an unhabited island :D:D But sometimes I wish I was a bit deaf, so I could remove my hearingaid if I wanted a bit of peace and quiet 😀


  2. That sucks. And urban areas get carried away with building low cost housing. It is hard to find your center of creativity in the middle of the madness. Don’t move to an uninhabited island — unless it has WiFi. Can’t stop chatting and sharing our blogs!


  3. But I live in the countryside, problem is, we are a very overpopulated country and it keeps getting worse as people come to Europe with thousends and thousends a day. They all need a home so they built flats and more flats. Roads constantly needs renovating. I want to move to an uninhabited island 😀


  4. To me that’s the ideal way to really get in touch with your creativity. I’m sorry the traffic gets too loud at times — and mostly doesn’t stop. I’ve lived in that environment, too. No bed and breakfast out in the countryside someplace? I’ve even pulled over to the side of the country road and turned off my car to listen to the wind blowing through dried corn stalks. I’m sure you will find your paradise soon!


  5. Me too! Sometimes I just sit and do nothing and listen; other times I do small projects that entail little movement. Today I heard the red winged blackbird — I didn’t think he was coming back this year! So see what you can learn in silence?


  6. There are very few places left where you can go over here without hearing traffic, plaines, trains, building noices……and there is always music, like people are afraid of silence, especially the younger ones. I would love to go to a place where I can stay for about a month, a bit of peace and quiet, only sounds of nature, no telephone, no tv, no cellphone, no computer, no newspapers so far I have only found convents that provide a bed and meals but they want you to get up at 5 am to go to church……noooo! But lots of books to read and stuff for drawing and painting, yessssss!!


  7. Great post! I always make sure to spend a few hours a day in silence, right now I am enjoying the sounds of many birds, including my neighbors clucking chickens, it always makes me smile!😊


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