Look Into My Crystal Ball

Late night musings that have carried over into the daylight …

If you could look into a crystal ball to see your future, would you?

According to scrying experts, crystal balls can be used for recalling dreams, checking the present, revealing desires, karmic therapy, finding a soulmate, seeing the future, or watching out for dangers.

That’s a lot of responsibility for a crystal sphere.

I own two beautiful crystal balls, one held by unicorns, the other by brass dragons. 

I myself have never seen anything in a crystal ball. But would I want to? Would I want to know what was in store for me next week? Next month? 

Would I be able to channel the direction of my vision, escaping tragedies like death and Covid-19 and atomic bombs? Could I focus on something small like the outcome of my first craft fair or if my story will get published?

Somehow I don’t think you can control the direction of incoming information. Like a hole in the dam, it starts small but it doesn’t take much to burst through with more water than you can imagine.

Telling the future is too much water for me, I think.

I don’t think I’d want to take a chance on finding out something big and having to keep it to myself. Even if it’s pleasant news like I’m going to be a grandmother again or I will sell a thousand Angel Tears, I don’t think I’d want to experience the feedback that might result from peeking into the future.

Like invisible wavelengths, time and space have a weird way of payback. 

Maybe that’s why it’s safer for me to write about time travel in my stories. I already know my present, which is someone else’s future, which gives my character the edge on survival in the olden days. 

I worry about the character changing the present by screwing up in the past — meeting yourself or your grandfather and making him turn left instead of right, changing the ancestry line to make you a boy instead of a girl.  So I make my time-travelling characters swear to never speak of the future. Like that works.

But back to scrying.

Taking a peek in a crystal ball to tell your future might make hedging your bets easier, your choices simpler, but I wouldn’t mess with Mother Nature.

There is a reason things turn out as they do.

I suppose there might be a decision or two that I would have made differently in my past. Stupid decisions. Painful decisions.

But then again, if I had chosen left instead of right, I probably wouldn’t be blogging today. I wouldn’t have the family I have, the friends I have, or the long life I’ve led.

I will leave peering into the crystal balls to those who know what they’re doing.  Crystal balls make beautiful art pieces in the sunlight, but their mysteries can stay a mystery.

After all — I want to make sure I stay a girl when I go back in time…



4 thoughts on “Look Into My Crystal Ball

  1. Fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed your late night musings and daytime ponderings.
    My first attempt to read your post was delayed, but it was so worth the wait. I had a conversation with someone today about knowing the future versus letting each day unfold in a mundane, yet mysterious way. I choose mystery – one of the joys of living, in my opinion.


  2. I don’t want to see the future. I’m ok with the present. Unless of course it’s tomorrow’s lottery numbers. Then I might make an exception


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