Inner Me vs. Outer Me

I came across Eva‘s post on my Monday Morning Readathon, and it stuck a chord in my creative sphere.

In her post she said, “This is a portrait of what I think I should look like on the outside. In daily life I look and dress quite conservatively. But when I close my eyes, this is how I picture myself: more rugged and a bit punky.”

And it made me wonder:

Do we all look different on the inside? Is our “other” self someone quite different look-wise, thought-wise? Who is the person writing your novels? Painting your landscapes? Cutting out your quilting patterns?

Is it the same person that looks back at you in the mirror every day?

What a startling thought.

I thought I’d say yes, it’s me me me. But it’s not.

A lot of my books are “me” a little younger, a little thinner. Her decisions are not always what I would decide, but, as my husband said reading a book one time, I can’t really judge it because it’s me.

But I know my inner “me” often looks different than my outer “me.”  She is more confident, stands taller, is a great conversationalist, and can wear those great outfits I see models online wear. She has flair which she applies to her writing, her cooking, and her life.

We are the same, inner-me and outer-me, yet we are not.

Read Eva’s article and see if it stirs an echo in your mind, too.

New Artwork: Self Portrait — Ursus Art

‘Eva’, acrylics and ink on paper, A4, €110


My goodness me! What a long time it took for me to be able to sit at my desk and get to work. Life at the moment comes at me full throttle and it leaves no room for other things than absolute necessities. But…. here we are. […]

New Artwork: Self Portrait — Ursus Art

6 thoughts on “Inner Me vs. Outer Me

  1. My inner and outer “me’s” are indeed the same — and what I’ve found is that living authentically among those who predominantly do not presents almost insoluble challenges to interaction and survival.


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