New Way of Camping

As I am recently retired, my hubby and I took a few days off mid -week and went camping. 

This is the first time out for our new camper, and first time it’s just the two of us (except for the dogs).

I don’t know which one feels stranger.

I have camped most of my life, with some gaps in years between campsites. But it’s always been in a tent. Lots of bending and pulling and grunting before you can sit and listen to the wind blow.

As my retirement gift to myself, we bought a little RV. Now most of the movement is about not bumping into each other inside the small surroundings. 

I’ve also always gone camping with my kids and grandkids. There is no life better than sitting around a campfire talking and smoring with family and friends.

Last night it was just the two of us.

Tonight for dinner it will be just the two of us.

Tonight around the fire it will be just the two of us.

The jury is still out on the two of us thing.

I love my husband. He let’s me be me. Even if that Me is goofy half the time.

But times like these are the real test for a relationship. No taking off and folding laundry, no going downstairs and making Angel Tears, no going out to the garage and working and fixing stuff all day.

This is silence. Together. Daylight and evening light. No movies or kids to distract us. No job to go to, nowhere to hide.

It’s been quite interesting so far.

I know we are not Siamese Twins. We don’t need to be glue balled to each other 24/7. We actually LIKE each other. Despite the fact that I love writing and Crafts and he loves hunting and fishing, we seem to give each other enough space to be our own selves.

But with my adult onset A.D.D. I sometimes find it hard to just sit still and do nothing.

To read and then play a video game on my iPad then take a little nap then walk the dog then read then write a blog then read some more then find a gossip column on my phone is my idea of doing nothing.

He sits and reads.

I’m still getting used to this camping alone thing. 

Then again, “being alone” is a relative term, right?



19 thoughts on “New Way of Camping

  1. I can’t wait to try camping with just my husband. We have been taking our family so far which has been fun, but it will be nice to have it be just the two of us.


  2. Sounds like a fun time! Camping has its challenges, but it is very rewarding. I see you still were able to blog! What more is there! LOL…


  3. Postscript — it wasn’t too bad, although my husband said he’d have trouble sitting and reading for more than one day at a time. So longer trips may entail a few side trips now and then.


  4. I enjoyed your post. I can relate to many things you wrote about. I grew up camping and my husband and I go when we can. I have written about it on my blog. Congrats on your retirement and enjoy your “alone” time. BTW I am sharing your blog with my artist daughter. 😊


  5. I understand the sitting in silence thing. We do this for hours on end. My husband only talks to me when his blankety blank computer is not available to him.
    Maybe you can get yours to drop his book once in awhile.


  6. Being homeless, I’ve been in the situation you describe — without the fellow camper, but in a smaller, 8 X 3 kneeling space. I do extensive online work via the data stream on my smartphone, if you have one of those ☺️


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