Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Sergio Bustamante

Sergio Bustamante is a Mexican sculptor best known for his depictions of animals and inventive humanoid creatures.Born in 1942 in Sinaloa, Mexico, he went on to study architecture at the University of Guadajara, leaving before he finished his degree in order to focus on craftmaking and fine art.Bustamante infuses every one of his creations with such life and love and a limitless passion for both, that there’s no question that only someone very much connected to his ancestors, to his culture, to the cosmos and to the unknown could be responsible for such wild, wondrous and beautiful creations.Working in papier maché, wood, bronze, and ceramic, Bustamante’s sculptures are often painted or glazed, allowing him to bring even greater heights of imagination and surrealism to his creatures.One of the more compelling forms he continues to explore is his bronze and ceramic sculptures.Often cast of the same strange and surreal creatures who inhabit his paintings (fish-headed humans, mystical figures draped in heavy dresses, and plenty of half-moons and half-suns), Bustamante has grown to love his bronzes and ceramics more and more.“Colors are more poetic,” he says, “but the bronzes and ceramics are more abstract.” Many of Bustamante’s works are as magical as they are known.“Magic is something in your mind, something you help to create,” emphasizes Bustamante, who uses colors and design the way a poet uses words.

“The magic in some of my things is because you chose to show these worlds, shapes, these atmospheres that maybe other people haven’t imagined. I try to impact people and seduce them. It’s like trying to make them love.” More of Sergio Bustamante‘s whimsical art can be found at and the Meyer East Gallery.


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