Hope For Classic Editor

I have been fretting for some time about WordPress blocking access to Classic Editor.

I’m old fashioned. I’m technically challenged.  I’m lazy.

I like Word Press just the way it is. I don’t need nor want fancy new blocks and all that go with it. I’ve been around my block enough to know that I want to stay on my own one-way street.

So this morning I set up a little chat with the Word Press Support Group. This is how it went: (I’m red)

Support Chat

Is WordPress totally getting rid of classic editor? I know many who are moving away because of the change.

Hello there


There are no current plans to fully remove the Classic editor as of now. The Classic Block will be in the editor for many years to come and we do still allow you to use the full classic editor for your site.

Thank you. I much prefer the “old” way and have talked to other bloggers planning on leaving wp because of the change.

Sure, that’s understandable! Many users really like the way the classic editor works and we wouldn’t want to just remove that from you.

How long will classic editor be available

I don’t have a date that I’d be able to provide as the WordPress community works on making those changes together, but as far as I know, there won’t be any changes to that for the next few years.

I will pass along the word. Thank you.

So there you have it.

To WordPress Support: you have great support people. Please don’t stop giving us a choice. 

To those of you who follow this blog and have backed away from your own because you are confused as to how to get back to classic editor: come back.

We all have our ways to get into Classic Editor. I’m sure there’s a legit, sensible way. But you know me. I’m hardly ever sensible.

I create a document in block; I type one word in the title then save the blog. I hit the “back” button and go to my left sidebar to “all posts.” I find the one I just created (the one with only one word), and click on Classic Editor.

Voila! I’m back in the Dark Ages! Where I like it just fine.

If you have a different way of getting to C.E., let us know. If you love the new blocks, Hoo Ha! I am proud of you. 

Keep blogging. No matter how confused you may feel. Creativity is our life line.

We can overcome and hold on to Classic Editor — at least for a couple a’more years.




30 thoughts on “Hope For Classic Editor

  1. I agree vehemently with every word, and I’m glad to hear the CE will be around for a while. I’m not sure I’d leave if it went away, but I would reconsider things for sure.

    How I create new posts is that I have a basically blank post (just my tag line and some structure) in my Drafts folder. It’s title is just “(new post)”. I use the Copy link in the Drafts listing. That opens a new copy of the blank post in the BE. I change the title and save. Then back to my Drafts folder to open the new post in the CE. Gives me a nice running start.

    (FWIW, you might like this post I just published about a bug between the Classic Editor and the WP Reader. If you’ve ever had your paragraphs merged into one long one…)


  2. WordPress.com rolled out “unified navigation” right around that time. You can mostly get back access to the WP Admin dashboard and the Classic Editor when you enable “Advanced Dashboard Pages” in your Account Settings. I still would be trying out the Block Editor, because it will be here only as long as the plugin is supported on WordPress.org and maybe not that long. The Powers That Be have already indicated that won’t be here forever.


  3. I really appreciate your advice and your explanation. I took it that, because I was able to find a way into Classic Editor, that was a win-win scenario, and others could find their way back as well. The more I talk to my readers, the more I am suspect of WP’s answer and assurances. It’s probably not a big deal to most, but I’ve worked hard and long on this blog, and I hate having all these stumbling blocks in front of me to overcome in order to keep it. How can others who left WP and went off on their own be found again? It’s a ridiculous mess.

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  4. Giving the benefit of doubt, it could easily be an unintentional lie. If the individual in question was going by what he was told, or what may have been the plan at the time as far as he knew. I’ve been in jobs where things like that happened. The upper management would tell store level management that things were one way, and that info was then passed by store managememt to us workers just in time for the information to be proven untrue. It’s at best a case of right hand/left hand, or at worst deliberate subterfuge by those actually making the decisions, or more likely somewhere in between, such as responding positively to the ond asking the questions befofe any firm decision was actually made.


  5. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I could access the classic editor no problem, but now, the only ‘edit’, add post’, or ‘write’ options I have all connect to the block editor. The original “all posts” page that was accessible from the wp-admin dashboard has been removed, and the link only brings up the new less functional post list.


  6. Considering some of the other changes they’ve made, such as randomly inserting “sponsored posts” (basically giant ads that look like blog posts) in your blog feed unless you are on a paid plan, I may see about switching to WP.org since WP.com seems to be doing it’s level best to force free users into paid plans or into leaving for other alternatives. If I’m goi g to have to pay for it, I might as well host it somewhere else, as many 3rd party hosting plans are cheaper than the hosting plans on WP.com, and I can then set up WP.org as I see fit.


  7. I hate that. I do have a basic paid plan (to get rid of ads) so maybe you are right. I hate the idea of one day curtailing or changing my blog because I can’t figure out how to do it. And am too stubborn to learn a new way. I’m sorry you can’t get back to classic. It sucks.


  8. If you go through wordpress.org I don’t know anything about that. But can you create a document in basic block? Once you put a word in the title page and then hit “save”. you should be able to hit your back arrow and go to the sidebar where you can access the button posts, click all posts, then click on classic editor to get back into your document. I’m really sorry you can’t get back into classic. It’s the only world I know!


  9. As a current WP.com user, my current experience says that this support guy lied through his teeth. I have known about and utilized all the methods discussed in your post for accessing the classic editor, and now they are 100% gone for me. Even if I type in my web address and use the /wp-admin page on that address, I still cannot access the classic editor in any way, shape, or form. The ONLY vestige of the classic editor that I have access to is the “classic block” within the block editor. I’ve been making do with that, but I would much rather they just put the classic editor back. Perhaps my issue is that I am only using their free plans, and therefore they have cut off access for me, but whatever the case, it’s annoying and aggravating.


  10. I use WP.com currently, and the drop-down is gone for me. I am completely cut off from the classic editor that was accessible through the wp-admin page of my blog. Also, the “dashboard” link at the bottom that took me to the admin page is gone as well.

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  11. Thanks for the tips. I love the classic editor but a little more than a month ago, found I could no longer use it. What really frustrated me was being unable to access the posts at all. After 2 requests to the customer service I was able to get it to work. I love so many of the features in the classic editor that are not available in the block editor. I am definitely going to try both suggestions to use the classic editor. 😊


  12. Yes, I know people are frustrated and I was one of them
    Here is my workaround: Go to my site and then click on posts, then click on all posts. Once you are on the post page, go to the top left. Click on Add new and look for the drop down menu. You will see Classic Editor. Click on Classic Editor and you are good to go.

    The Classic blocks do not work for me, not the same as the tried and true. Why would they get rid of an editor? I am a writer, not a computer programmer, lol!


  13. This seems to be a problem only for those who blog on wordpress.com. Those of us who self-host (i.e. use the wordpress.org software on a different hosting service like SiteGround) have always had and still have the option to install and use the “Classic Editor” plugin at no additional cost, which is what I do. I might try the block editor again at some point, after they get the bugs out of it, but the way it is now I don’t see any reason to change.


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