Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Luke Nugent

British portrait and fashion photographer Luke Nugent takes glorious, powerful photos of women of color featuring some of the most fabulous hair ever seen.

Nugent studied photography at London’s University of Greenwich, and has been shooting professionally since his late teens.

He  captures a wide range of style, beauty, and personal expression in his creative photo shoots, for which he often works with London-based hair stylist Lisa Farrall.

Nugent highlights women of color in his varied series, from the more subdued everyday styles in Emancipate to the Afrofuturism-inspired Armour, which was a finalist for the 2016 British Hair Awards.

Working primarily in the fields of music, portraiture and fashion, Nugent works with top models, musicians and personalities to develop imagery of a high technical and aesthetic standard.

His work, his models, are so striking, so bold, so beautiful, it’s hard not to notice his perfect eye for detail.

More of Luke Nugent‘s marvelous photography can be found at



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