Creativity is Multi-Dimensional

There is something about artists that is unlike most of the population.

We all do the same things — eat, sleep, love, laugh, cry. We all juggle ten things at once, including kids, jobs, cooking, insomnia, and more.

But artists are often so diversified when it comes to creativity. We mostly stick to what we know — or do best — but then after a while we get an itch to try something new. Different. Easy or difficult, it doesn’t matter. We just want to try one more thing.

Bloggers I follow such as Laura Kate at Daily Fiber and Eva Mout at Ursus Art not only shine in their respective fields, but have expanded to include photography, miniatures, painting, knitting, quilting, and a dozen more worlds. I myself have drifted away from writing the Great American Novel #7 to making sparkling crafts to hang in the sunshine.

The point of all of this is to assure you that it’s alright if you put your heart’s desire and life’s work aside for a while to try something new.

Maybe it’s being hibernated by Covid-19 or a stinging winter or temperatures so hot you want to melt that makes you squirmy in your seat. Makes you want to do something new. Something different. Something quirky or something conservative.

It doesn’t matter. You don’t need permission to try a hand at something different.

In the coming weeks I am going to highlight some of the artists I’ve already showcased to share another side of their creativity. To be honest, sometimes I’d find a painting or sculpture or quilt that I just adored, only to go to their website and find a whole array of different projects, styles, and explorations. How do you decide which to show off to your followers?

How do you decide which of your own talents to showcase?

Let all sides of you shine. Show off your work on your website, on Facebook, email your co-workers or have a show off party where everyone brings something new they’ve tried! 

Life is here. Life is Now.

And we all are creative. In every sense of the word. Even if your creation is not up to “professional” par, try it anyway! Show it off! Go for It!

You have heard of “Nailed It!” , haven’t you?



10 thoughts on “Creativity is Multi-Dimensional

  1. These are great! Really! I am having my daughter-in-law make me a sign for my crystal suncatchers. Angel Tears. She is just starting her creative outlet and has a lot of potential too. Doesn’t it feel good to do something now and then besides poetry? (not that that’s a bad thing EVER…)


  2. Claudia, thanks for the mention. Sometimes I question my motives regarding working with so many media in the same studio. But life is short and I refuse to choose among the many delights.


  3. I’ve done a few drawings lately (not very well) and during the pandemic I’ve did a couple ‘sign-writing’ artwork pieces… here’s my sign-writing pieces… I hope the links work Claudia..
    Shangri La, hangs over front door!Asumt4cZ9A65hNo4zinTPSbuCW5Sgw?e=AxbShH
    Serenity, is a house name-sign, I did on commission, and donated the money to the MS Society!Asumt4cZ9A65hNo5yippusXKDEBvdg?e=S7PChv

    Cheers, Ivor..


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