New Year’s/2021 Plans?

It’s almost that time again. Ring out the old, ring in the new.

I thought I’d catch you all before the actual EVE and DAY come along, for who knows where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing.

With the pandemic, not much, I’m afraid.

But I was wondering what thoughts and plans you have for the New Year.

I don’t care much about letting go of 2020 — or 2010 or 1999 or any year of the past. Those are done. Gone. Finie. Good or bad, you can’t do anything about them. 

But what about 2021? It’s an open slate. Virginal and ready to be marked up, explored, and turned into something magical.

I myself have slipped out of the writing mode lately, having replaced it with arts and crafts. Making crystal windcatchers. And reading. And audio readings (at the moment I’m into free H.P. Lovecraft readings on HorrorBabble).

So my plans for 2021 is to keep making windcatchers and hope that art fairs make a comeback this summer. I’d like to take a whirl at showing off my wares.

I also think I’m going to change my WordPress plan so that I can offer some of my novels to the public for free. Look. No one is going to publish them, I don’t know if anyone will even like them. So why not offer them to my followers and see what they think?

I don’t make New Years resolutions anymore — haven’t for a while. Too easy to break, too easy to bend them or walk around them.

But I will make a point to spread the magic of creativity out there more. I love the feeling that being creative gives me. It empowers me, it transforms me, it humbles me. 

Everyone should feel so good!

So ……..what are your thoughts and plans for 2021? We’d all like to hear!



12 thoughts on “New Year’s/2021 Plans?

  1. I am always pleased to start a new year, it is, as you said, a clean sheet. But this year I am extremely happy to start a new year, hoping it will be better than this one. New Years eve will be a festive dinner for me and my husband, we are in a lockdown and we are not alloud to invite people. But I am really anxious to see what 2021 will bring. I hope for you and your family it will be full of happiness, health and a lot of FUN.:D

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  2. I am interested to hear that you have plans to share your novels on WordPress. As far as my plans for 2021 – really, I haven’t given it any thought. I will continue to paint, stitch and knit, and blog about it when the project seems suitable for sharing.

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