Lazily Giving Thanks

Here it is, Saturday night. 

No Black Friday. No nine extra people over for Thanksgiving dinner. No sitting on the sofa after Thanksgiving dinner going through a hundred sales flyers looking for tons of things we don’t need. We did it as a family tradition, and just had fun with it.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was such a miniaturized version I didn’t even recognize it. Football games Thanksgiving Day were postponed because of Covid 19. Stores were closed Thursday, and I read shopping on Friday was down 52%.

My house looks like a bulldozer ran through it, knocking over towers of Hot Wheels and Frozen dolls and Hungry Hungry Hippos with no balls in sight (the grandkids stayed over for two nights).

So here it is, Saturday night. I’m exhausted. Nothing on TV worth a second look. Reading will give me a headache. Just ain’t gettin’ that creative vibe this late at night. Yet I wake up every morning and thank the heavens and the galaxies and the powers that be that I am alive and well and have so many blessings in my life. 

I think this Covid-19 thing has made monsters out of the weak and heroes out of the  reticent. People are not themselves. Or are pretending to be more than themselves. Or are turning into alternative forms of themselves. But they are all affected by the isolation. The loneliness. The fear. And deal with it differently.

It’s one thing to pull away on purpose, cutting the social media ties, and read a book, paint, sit and quilt, or go fishing for as long as you want.

It’s something else when you are forced to do it alone. Day after day. No sharing, no hugs, no conversation, no eye to eye contact.

I have known a few who have been stricken with Covid-19. Two survived, one did not. And I am reminded every day that I awake without a fever or delirium or pain how blessed I am. I can be creative or lazy or loving or depressed and still have a bed to sleep in and food in the frig. 

Not everyone has that luxury.

Or those basics.

I have met a lot of great people through this blog, and I am enjoying all the writing and poetry and quilting and just talking you all are doing. I love how you keep things real. Normal. Funny. Bittersweet. And unpretentious.

Let’s keep it going. 

And, you know — I could still order three, get three free at Bath and Body Works online — Super Sunday and all — that’s kinda Black Friday-ish —


13 thoughts on “Lazily Giving Thanks

  1. Absolutely. And wearing masks has divided the world. Like we needed further division. And once this crisis is “over” it will have changed all of us permanently. We can optimistically say its a change for the better, but I dunno — I kinda liked things the way they were before.


  2. I think one of the most difficult things about this is not having an end date. People can hold on, if they have an end date. But it could be another year, or more, before anything really changes. No one knows how many people will take the vaccine…even if they are paid to do it. It has been said that 75% need to take it if it is to be effective but almost 50% of those asked, said they would not do it. It seems like a huge risk. Not knowing what’s going to happen, or when we will be able to get back to semi normal, is difficult. Of course, the true horror are bodies piling up and those who are ill, some for the rest of their lives. It’s a terrible situation for the entire world.


  3. You know — it really IS. We don’t judge each other by our past, or physique, or our dreams. If someone gets too politicky, or preachy, we just move on. I am still old-fashioned — I accept people just how they come across the screen.. That’s what WordPress is to me — creative friends sharing creative things of all kinds.

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  4. This is perfect! It says exactly what is in my head. Thank you for putting it all into words so that I didn’t have to, because, frankly, I am just too tired to think right now. (Maybe too much turkey).


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