Dreaming of Godzilla

Some say dreams are manifestations of your deepest fears. Others say dreams show you who and what you really want to be. 

I am not a dream analyst, nor a psycho-analyst, but just someone who wonders where dreams come from.

I get the obvious ones: your significant other leaves you, you suddenly become a motivational speaker. And I’m not talking about Godzilla in the distance or some movie star flirting with you. 

The ones that make me wonder are the ones where you could have, should have been a better person. 

Aren’t we always striving to be a “better person”? 

If so, why do we not measure up in our dreams?

I had a dream last night that my mother was in the hospital and some strange people were cleaning her house, and that one social worker told me I might not be able to find out where she was staying because I was a bad daughter and moved out of state.

In reality, my mother passed away long before I moved out of Illinois, long before I got married and had children and grandchildren.

Where does the fuel for that dream fire come from?

I was a good daughter. My mom and I had a really good relationship. My dad remarried, and it took quite a long time to reconnect with him in the same way, but we did reconnect and he was a blessing to me until the end.

I’ve always worked hard to keep friends and family close. It doesn’t matter what you call them — friends, sisters, cousins — love is love. And there should be no rationing because of title, distance, or circumstances.

I’m not here to throw about past relationships. I know in my heart I was a “good person”, contrary to what my dreams portray. And I will continue to do so, for, as simple as it sounds, being a good person makes me feel good.

I just wonder where my head gets these ideas from.

Probably the same place that tells me Godzilla is coming this way and I have to hide in a closet to get away from him.

Where do your dreams come from?



12 thoughts on “Dreaming of Godzilla

  1. I wish I would have taken psychology courses in school. I have heard the same thing. I think I will check him and his theories out. I wonder what hidden meanings are behind some of the weird ones? Maybe I don’t want to know .. hahaha ….


  2. I have been reading about lucid dreaming, too. I would love to be aware and control where I am and where I’m going in my dreams. I’ve been dreaming a lot more these past few years; I’m sure part of it is my inability to pass out and stay asleep all night. I believe you and I are good people; what comes through comes through just to bug us. Don’t let the crazy ones get you down!

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  3. Carl Jung, who is/was considered the authority on dream interpretation, says we dream in symbolism and archetypes, that our subconscious mind is showing us what we need to bring to consciousness. Dreams are not meant to be interpreted as they are – as fact. They speak to us in visual clues, so to speak. Very interesting stuff. I highly recommend.


  4. I’ve always dreamed. Even today I sometimes awake shaking my head at the latest silliness before my dream quickly fades away. But I am also prone to nightmares. Really horror filled nightmares. One in particular, since childhood, still haunts me on occasion today. A reoccurring dream not always the same, but based in theme on the original. Still, it has the power to scream me awake!

    I’ve been reading about Lucid Dreaming and how one might learn to control or become aware you are dreaming while you dream! Unfortunately so far, with no results! I wish I ‘could’ dream of Godzilla instead, he doesn’t really scare me that much!


  5. I’m sure you are right. Humans are full of anxieties and messed up emotions that need to come out somewhere — and dreams are the outlet. I’ve had lots of good dreams and stressful ones too. Not long ago something was going on in my dream and I wound up babbling when I woke up — scared the beejeebees out of my hubby too. As long as we continue to be “good persons” I don’t think we have to worry about it.

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  6. I believe a lot of our dreams come from our anxieties, either conscious or subconscious. Last night I had two dreams – one in which I was fatigued and frustrated and another in which I was fearful for my life. The latter had me shouting for help, which awoke my husband. But now I have no memory of what made me afraid.


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