Art is Peace

Bringing together the worlds of Art

Is the only healing we have

In this turbulent time, only appreciation for the esthetic itself will get us through.

There is real ugliness out there. Verbally, socially. Ugly confrontations, ugly resolutions.

I know people are only trying to survive.

Why can’t we try to survive together?

Why is there always a “bad” guy? An “evil” guy? A “color” guy?

Art is the answer.

But  no one is listening.

Creativity, imagination, possibilities and impossibilities.

All keep us alive.

Bringing us humanity.

So much I don’t understand.

So much I don’t want to understand.

But Art — I DO understand.

In a primitive, sensual, emotional way

I DO understand.

And I know you do, too.



11 thoughts on “Art is Peace

  1. It think art, especially street art, that can be seen and is FREE, can make a difference but it all speaks to those who already BELIEVE in peace and equality. I wish it would reach the people who hate and want to control others. I don’t know how to do that. I thought it could be changed, but now, with what’s going on, I’m no longer to hold onto that hope. But I agree. Art can at least give us strength.


  2. I really appreciate your response. And I know there will always be conflict. And that’s a shame. I guess I was just dreaming about art and a better world because of it. I cannot do much about what goes on around me, except to treat people decently and honestly and hope I set an example to those who follow. And to encourage others to express their feelings through Art.

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  3. I agree with you but there’s always going to be conflict because conservatives and liberals will never get along. Conservatives want power over everyone. They abhor change or ART and thinking outside the box. Their fear rules them. We can’t allow them to destroy creativity and imagination and art and that’s what they want to do. I’ve given up on a peaceful world. I’ve been fighting them in the streets, as an activist, just to stay even because they truly do want to kill the art that lives inside us, let along the art we want to show. Art has no rules, it comes from a different place. They are terrified of freedom and just think about assets and controlling others. We can and will not ever be able to come together. I saw a picture of a woman holding a sign that said, “I was raped and he got off free, but a graffiti artist got 7 years in jail for painting on a wall.” That says it all.


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