My Dog Is Smart

People say animals aren’t smart. Oh, they can mimic and bring the ball back and react appropriately to your words. But they’re not smart.

I am here to say — I honor your opinion, but my dog is smart. My dog can tell time.

My mother-in-law used to give the dogs treats when they’d go outside and do their business. Bad habit or not, I picked up that one. Then somehow or another that turned into giving the dogs a bonie at 7 p.m. Another bad habit, perhaps.

That habit went through a few dogs through the years. But now I have my son’s dog — now my dog — and I swear she knows whenever 7 p.m. comes around. 

Wherever we are, no matter what we’re doing, my dog sits down right in front of me at 7 p.m. every day. Time change? Doesn’t matter. Sitting outside? Doesn’t matter. Rain? Sleet? Snow? Doesn’t matter. No clock in sight? Doesn’t matter. Every evening at 7 p.m., there she is. Watching me. Pacing. Panting. Asking politely for her 7 o’clock B.

If I ignore her, she continues her quest. Moving around. Laying down. Sighing. Squealing softly. Changing positions. Watching. Always watching. Until I get up, go to the pantry, and pull out a chewie and give it to her. It used to be rawhides, but since her teeth are getting bad we’ve moved to dental stix.

But it’s always at 7 p.m. Or should I say, it STARTS at 7 p.m.

Does this sound like I spoil my dog?

I’d like not to think so. I’d like to think that I have created yet another habit that I give her credit for. Like bringing the ball back. That she’s still as dumb as a box of rocks.

She taught my brother-in-law’s dog (who is staying with us now) when it’s 7 o’clock, too. 

See? She even knows how to train other dogs…..



11 thoughts on “My Dog Is Smart

  1. He does! He’s a cheeky boy and I love him to pieces. As a side note I know when he’s annoyed when I ask him to sit or down or stay (which, you know spoiler – he doesn’t!) because he will huff out this exasperated sound as if he’s saying .. oh all right – I’ll play along for this really tasty treat. Never a dull moment at home!


  2. Mine faked for months about not knowing how to ‘fetch’. Then he did it no qualms, questions or talking. I was so stunned.
    Now he humors me by going to his toy, touching but not picking up his toy, coming back and demanding he have his treat.
    When I don’t give it to him he has this intense discussion with me (no barking just various sounds he makes) on why he should have the treat. This lasts for about half an hour then he ends up bringing the toy back. He then gets the treat.


  3. Your dog is really smart! I have an Australian Shepherd and she is intelligent, as well. I also have an English Bulldog and even though he looks super stupid, he is sooo clever.


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