Shopping for Gallery Bits


Sometimes I find the flow of discovering unique artists fascinating. Sometimes my wandering leads me nowhere — other times it opens doors of pure delight. 

What is Art?

We all have our definition as to what has an aesthetic quality and what is just nonsense. I don’t mean the artist’s work is nonsense; it means you now and then come across something that is fascinating, yet so different, that you can’t make heads nor tails of it.

How do I choose whom to highlight? And whom to pass by?

I hate passing by any artist I come across. Each artist puts their soul into their work, whether it’s intricate or massive. Some are called by color; others by texture or complexity. Some are called by the dark side. Others — angels. You get what I mean.

How do I know which artists to share with you?

Sometimes it’s hard. 

I try and stay “unique.” That’s the big ticket. What’s the difference between “unique” and “bizarre”? I guess it’s the story about the artist that cinches the deal. I try to find art that can be disturbing yet is ingenious. Amazing yet understandable. I’ve seen a few lately that make me wonder.

It’s all such a whirlygig. But it’s interesting and fun. Suggestions are always welcome.

I really hope you are enjoying these unique artists. They are all part of the glowing, growing world of art.

Art with a capital




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