The Morning Fog







This is the day
To dream
To sit in the middle
of the grey sky
And watch the mist
swirl by.
Take the day
And embrace
the nothingness.
No rules.
No goals.
True inspiration
A glass that’s never full.
The fog rolls in
At its own pace
Not asking, not caring
What rules are broken
What direction
It should take
Sleepy distraction
The soul whispers
Today is the day
Words to a forgotten story
A glimmer of days passed
And future hopes
Subtle strings coax
Music from the soul
And just for the moment
You are there.
In the future
And the past.




6 thoughts on “The Morning Fog

  1. I enjoy all kinds of days for all kinds of reasons. I know the weather is a metaphor for my mood swings, and once I brush away the nonsense filling up my head I can really connect with each type of weather through writing. I love thunderstorms with big flashes of lightning, but where i live they’re not as overwhelming as they are elsewhere; nor fog or wind. But when they DO come…. pump up the writing game!

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  2. Claudia, I know that kind of a day. Ours was not like it today… a fierce wind rocked my world. But your gentle fog coaxed music from the soul… and suddenly the wind and the fog danced as one. Thank you for the respite! ❤


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