Today Is The Day

How many times have you said, “Today is the day”?

Not like in “today is the day I catch a plane to Paris” or “today is the day I see the dentist.”

It’s more like “today is the day I’m going to change” or “today is the day I am going to exercise” or “today is the day I’m going to tackle my insomnia.”

I think more times than we care to admit.

Today I’m going to write. Today I’m going to eat healthier. Today I’m going to take a walk with the dog. Today … Today … Today.

And Today comes and goes and we haven’t done one thing to better ourselves.

I’m not sure why that is. Maybe we’re too busy. Maybe our attention is focused elsewhere. Maybe we are a little more depressed or tired or confused and don’t have the energy to pull off our Today.

I know I’ve said that phrase more times than I can remember. I can’t remember what I was changing, but Today was always going to be THE DAY.

I would sometimes get half-way through the promised land and get distracted. Or up and quit and say who cares. I would give up or plain forget about my life changing vow.

Maybe that’s just being human.

Maybe it’s more than that.

Once again I have started today with good intentions. I’m not conquering the world: I’m not climbing Mt. Everest or working at a hospital saving lives or driving to Chicago to stop the rioting.

I’m merely starting my journey today, one step at a time.

I need to regulate my sleeping. I need to stop drinking caffeine after noon or, better yet, not take it in at all. I need to make a point of walking more, even if it’s around the yard a couple of times. I need to stop shoveling in carbs every time I’m hungry.

You see — your journey isn’t really all that hard. Don’t try and change the world; don’t try and change you. Not all at once.

Hold the words “Today is the day” as if they were sacred whispers. Don’t make your goals bigger than you can handle in one day.

After all, today is only one day.

But it can always be THE day…..


8 thoughts on “Today Is The Day

  1. Way too much. I feel guilty over things I couldn’t do one thing about. I’m much better now. But I know if I get these little things “in order” (and I DO mean quotes) it cannot help but be a move in a positive direction.


  2. It is! I remember thinking my current book was too overwhelming too. Now I research one piece at a time, then write. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I still have to tackle it one day at a time, too.


  3. I think it is a lot easier for men, unless you can say; to hell with everything, I just do what I want to do, but women often feel guilty cos of the kids, your job, the housework that need to be done…..our conscience often gets in the way.


  4. Baby steps! I remember always saying today is the day I’m going to start writing my book. But I never did. It seemed too huge a project. Then one day I said, “Today is the day I will write for one hour.” and I did. The next day I did the same and the next, and eventually, I had a book written. Today is the day!!!


  5. Good insights during these not so good times

    Like we say in addiction recovery….One day at a time.

    And remember…. Every journey starts wit a single step.


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