Watch What You Say

Earlier today I wrote a blog which, after thinking about it for a while, deleted.

I have that instant temper thing; it rarely comes out, but when it does, I want to tell the person — or the world — what I think. I take a lot of baloney from the world, most of which I try to ignore. Let it roll off my proverbial back. Mostly because I can’t do anything about ignorance and ignorant people.

But I’m seeing so many people these days making blanket statements about people and situations that they know nothing about. Hearsay. Second hand information. Guess work. And what they are saying is hurtful.

We all make guesses about everyday things. We’re not there in the front row — guesses are often all we have. Even when we have all the facts.

It’s hard staying optimistic during these trying times. It’s hard staying in a good mood. We do our best, even though the world is falling apart around us. 

Sometimes I think the answer is staying away from the media. Social media, print media, broadcast media. For every positive story about people doing their best to help each other out, there are other stories of people being nasty to each other just because they don’t see eye-to-eye.

This world makes me sad, sometimes.

We all have the best intentions, but sometimes, in a crisis like what we’re all going through, those intentions get mashed up with our fears and insecurities until we don’t even recognize ourselves.

I know I hate being cooped up inside. I hate wearing masks. I hate not seeing my family. I hate that some of my friends are unemployed because of this virus. I hate that my friend’s kids won’t have a graduation party or can’t try out for the soccer team because there is no soccer team.

But we can’t break down now.

We can’t start being mean and selfish just because we can.

I know I’ve written about this before. Usually I spout and move on. That’s what you have to do these days. We’re not world leaders; we’re not doctors or lawyers or policy makers. We are regular people with regular fears and loves and dreams.

But I seem to find I’m having a harder time moving on these days.

Maybe it’s being on lock down. Maybe it’s too much Internet and not enough painting or writing or needle-pointing. Maybe it’s too much focus on a virus that may or may not get me.

I know someone who had C-19 and recovered. That should give me hope. It’s almost summer. That should give me hope, too.

Think before you post. Before you speak. Before you call. If not for the other person, for yourself. Turn off, delete, block. Don’t let others control your reactions by their actions. Find your golden rule and stick to it. Be nice to each other.

We’re all we’ve got.



16 thoughts on “Watch What You Say

  1. Yes I journal quite a lot. It really does help me vent. I have used them for most of my life.
    Then the good stuff I keep for on this platform well some of the easy stuff .


  2. You are very kind to say so. I have to be careful when I get upset and write — it’s always about things I’ve gone through, then sorry I didn’t handle whatever better. I understand everyone’s ups and downs — man, I have been on a roller coaster like everyone else. But I do believe we have to vent someplace other than on a faceless, two dimensional social media system that hangs around forever.

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  3. You have aired on the side of self restraint… but I agree with what you have said. I am watching what I write and read on social media and posts made by my friends and family.
    We are all going through different moods and emotions, the outcome of negative actions,is not what you need, as they say it only takes a minute to destroy in words, but takes years to take back the words.
    You did a good thing… thank you for sharing this as it has also given me pause for thought too.,. 🌷


  4. I think it’s all ok. I said I was sorry for my comments before. We make mistakes. We learn to own them. If someone else related to what I said and I made them feel better, then it’s a good day


  5. I sooooo agree. And we are ALL fearful! I myself don’t want my life cut short by some stupid virus that comes out of the blue — I have kids and grandkids I need to watch grow up. I have places to go and things to do, as they say. And I may not agree with other’s rants, but they should either type them then delete them, or not be so nasty to others when writing.

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  6. That’s why I often pause after I write a blog or email or something — I remember when I used to work I would get pissed off and jot off an email to my boss, only to send another one five minutes later apologizing for spouting off like I did. I may have been right, but that’s now how to go about getting someone to listen to you. Writing blogs is the same thing. But it DOES feel good to write it out and vent it — just don’t hit SEND…

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  7. Thank you for echoing what I feel. I don’t agree with a lot, but I am never nasty to others about it. These are people we see or are acquainted with in some way — I don’t want hurt feelings over something that will eventually pass.


  8. I believe the bulk of the nasty behavior is fed by fear. Knowing this helps me avoid reacting to it. If only folks could find a way to overcome fear, they would treat each other with more kindness.


  9. I wrote today about accepting everyone’s feelings. No one is right. No one is wrong. I’m mad at myself for sounding off about the opinions of others…that person is not who I would like to be….


  10. I agree. I limit my news watching, and don’t go on Facebook. I try to be patient with others as their fears cause them to speak too quickly, but it’s hard when they’re believing non-truths.


  11. You know, its so true about what you said – “people being nasty to each other just because they don’t see eye-to-eye”. At home, a lot of people are finding faults with the health measures that the Government is implementing, purely because they are unhappy with other economic decisions taken by the Government. But the fact is, these very health measures are keeping us alive and safe. So, sure, you may not like some aspects of what the Government (or in our own lives – another person) has done/said, but that doesn’t mean everything they do is wrong. This kind of mentality is leading to so many baseless rumors and hate mongering. Its ridiculous. While the virus has brought humans closer together in our fight against it, its also forced some of us apart because of our preconceived notions.


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