Behavior During the Pandemic

This Coronavirus thing just keeps getting scarier and scarier. There is no doubt that it has affected all of us in some way or another.

But within all the bad energy floating around there has to be some pockets of fresh air and bling. So here are a few of the things that I ~personally~ have noticed.

More positive posts on social media.  While there are plenty of warnings still being passed around on Facebook, Twitter, and others, there has been more funny videos, pictures, and statements to lighten up our load. Dreams of dancing once the epidemic is over, cats getting tired of their humans being around all the time, and dogs exhausted from taking 10 walks a day, all put a smile on those of us quarantined at home.

More inventive socialization.  People in Italy singing to each other from their balconies. Apartment complexes flashing their lights at different times for the emergency workers getting off shift. People standing in their driveways and waving to passers-by. Anything to get out of the house and reconnected to the world around us.

More men watching interesting TV shows. There is no football. No soccer. No basketball. No baseball. What is a healthy male supposed to watch on Sunday afternoons?  I walked into the living room the other day and my husband pointed to the TV, saying, “Look at that recipe! And see how she cut that zucchini? We could make that!” I’ve heard other tales of men binging  on Downton Abbey and Gordon Ramsay, too. 

Kids being bored. What child doesn’t love staying home from school? Except when sick, hooky is a rite of passage for every boy and girl. By now, though, half the kids are sick of their brothers and sisters, TV shows, and doing schoolwork at the kitchen table. Plus somehow, amazingly, mom’s art projects suddenly look lame compared with their art teacher’s ideas. 

More people are downloading and reading books. And I don’t mean just the latest sensations. More people are publishing e-books and more people are desperate for escapism. I imagine the numbers of classics downloaded these past weeks has increased as well. Heck — I downloaded “Anna Karenina ” by Leo Tolstoy the other day. I’d seen the movie with Vivian Leigh, and was curious to see how a man wrote about female infidelity in 1878.

More kindness and religious posts. Whether we are praying/thanking God or spreading hearts and kindness, people are putting a positive spin on what is hurting us. People are leaving painted stone hearts at fire stations and hospital doors, passing on thank yous in the most imaginative ways.

Less people are posting, though. Although there are a number of people I follow who haven’t posted in quite some time, I am noticing the chatty ones are slowing down as well. I suppose it’s hard to be witty and clever and say something significant when there is death and illness popping up all over the place. I know ~I~ have slipped into more art gallery posts and less chit chat.

Houses are cleaner than they’ve ever been. I am no exception to this observation. I have cleaned drawers and closets and hidden spaces I never knew existed since I’ve been home. I’ve set out plastic chairs and empty planters on my deck like I was going to be in House Beautiful. I have put my videos in alphabetical order and gone through toy boxes and recycled items that should have been recycled out years ago. It’s amazing what I and my friends have accomplished these past few weeks.

I am not making fun of the pandemic; I am merely reflecting how people are coping with it. It will run its course sooner or later, and we can all go back to being screaming-at-the-TV-football fans or getting that haircut we desperately need.

But we can smile, too. That’s something no one can take away from us.

Have you seen anything interesting these days?

23 thoughts on “Behavior During the Pandemic

  1. Oh yes, a lot of people take this situatian to give their home a good clean and remove all the things we don’t need anymore, our containerparks opened again after 3 weeks of closure, there are waiting times for up to 3 hours to get in and trow all your stuff in the right container. And I am not talking for cities but for villages. And people also rediscover all sort of things they used to like. And they eat more, this morning I heard a new word on the radio ; coronakilo’s :D:D Have a great Easter Claudia !! And keep safe !


  2. You are so right. Since I wrote that I’ve seen so much more helping each other. This disease zaps people almost instantly. It scares the bejeebers out of me. We are turning one of our bedrooms into a library, though, so it’s a good time to get things done!


  3. Life will never be the same after this pandemic but I think we can learn a lot of it and I’m quite sure possitive things are happening too. People helping others, rediscover nature in your garden, enjoying the quiet, there are very few cars on the road, working from home will be more popular, and there are a lot of people we have to be gratefull for like doctors and nurses, binmen collecting your bins……we take too much for granted. But about sports on tv, our men were having problems as they could not watch sports, so the channels give old football games and old cycling events, how stupid is that !!! They already know who won but they still watch it, is this crazy or it this crazy !!???


  4. The Goddess enjoys a sense of humor. It’s one way to keep one’s sanity during times of stress.


  5. Oh Indeed! I have faith in us. Most of mankind. There’s always someone testing the boundaries, but then again, there’s ALWAYS someone testing something! Is it beautiful in Spain, though? Not a bad place to be quarantined?


  6. Someone posted pictures of the French Quarter in New Orleans on Facebook — so amazingly eerie. I’ve never — NEVER — seen those streets without SOME kind of person wandering around. Very scary.

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  7. These are great observations. Keeping busy is key. Thre more weeks in Spain. But it’s already been three weeks and it is the new norm. We can get used to anything if we have to. Stay safe!! xo


  8. Well, seeing the streets of Manhattan empty at noon is pretty interesting. How my city is now sleeping is just sort of bizarre. But, I still have hope…


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