Free Time To Do … What?

Depending on what country you live in, most of us are on (voluntary) shut down. So what are you doing with your free time?

Our last few days have been filled with — cleaning. Yes. What time to start spring cleaning than on the first day of spring. Because I’ve been going through a stuffed-house situation in another state, I am now tending to get rid of too much in my own abode. 

Like you, I’ve kept way too much for way too long. Clothes that don’t fit, nic-nacs that don’t fit my current way of life, baby toys for grandkids who are not babies anymore. 

Now with this new state of mind, I’m able to let go of things that will never fit, blend, mix, or make it to the junk drawer. 

It feels good.

I’ve been saying I want to take advantage of my time home to get more creative. Writing, of course, is my top priority. But it’s not flowing as I had hoped, so on to the next project. I’ve got an idea (and supplies) for wind sparklers (I don’t know what to call them yet), so I should be starting this craft in a day or two.

I’ve finished reading an e-book I’ve been hitting for a few weeks, and am all ready for the next one. I also have a dozen hard covers waiting to be read (or reread, as the case may be), so I am certain to be hitting them during the coming days.  

I’m learning to cook again. I’ve always known how to put hot dogs and beans together, but since my husband and I have more time together, I’ve decided to try things like Parmesan Lemon Chicken and Lasagna Roll Ups.

My dog is not used to me being home and inside day after day too. So needless to say, there are more fetchy days, more treats, and more pets. 

I have also started binge watching series I never would have time to watch. You know me — Chinese/Japanese/Korean period pieces with English subtitles are always high on my list. (Ever watch The Ming Dynasty? That’s where i am now.) Downton Abbey and The Sopranos are also good candidates.

Of course, I’ve watched more stupid movies than I usually do. I’m not a B movie watcher by trade, but there has been time to slip in a dumb zombie or punk love movie now and then. I know — many of you will say you’d rather turn the TV off and sit in silence than waste time on junk. Agreed. But with a glass of wine and the Internet on my lap, you may be able to stay inside and away from the virus and have a laugh or two, too.

There is a lot of scary information crossing the airwaves these days. I myself have never seen such a pandemic during my lifetime. And you can only keep up with so much information. Every one says it won’t happen to them. I certainly hope this virus doesn’t introduce itself to any of my readers, that’s for sure. 

But you never know. So be smart. Stay inside and away from group play for a while. Find a way to improve your own living quarters, and expand your own mind. Explore worlds you haven’t had time to explore before.

What are you doing these days? Share Share Share! Give us some ideas!

14 thoughts on “Free Time To Do … What?

  1. I am doing the same. I’ve thought about writing but it’s just not calling me lately (except for the blog). But tpnight I’ve found some wonderful new artists for the gallery, so that is moving forward!

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  2. Am happy to hear about both of your progresses. I’ve been having writer’s block lately, too. But I caught an inspirational draft blowing through the room the other day so I’m getting some writing done, too. By the time you pick your photos you will have a whole new boatload added to choose from!

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  3. I’m not really working on my book, but I am looking at my photo’s very carefully to see if they are good enough to select. My husband stared to write again after 6 month’s, he had about 100 pages written, he read them again and is now writing daily.


  4. I read a lot, I clean more, and I started working in the garden and the greenhouse but we may only go to the shops (only local shops) for food and medication. Even our borders are closed now. My son lives in the next street and we can only see each other on the phone !! It is a very strange world welive in at the moment.


  5. You’re onto something here! Cleaning out closets, reading books, watching movies, cooking … those sound like great ways to pass the time while being sequestered. It beats bingeing on COVID-19 news! I have been writing cards and letters, making phone calls, texting and messaging family and friends. It’s time to reach out, stay connected, and encourage one another. We will get through this – but we need to do so together – not in fearful isolation. Don’t you agree?


  6. I’m not scared. Some things I can’t control, and this is one of them. I’m taking precautions but to worry just adds stress, which is worse…


  7. I am too. Many of my friends are really scared. I’m trying not to be. Being older I’m more susceptible, so for the time being I’m going to mind my own old lady business and get creative with the world. There will be music and picnics and all that soon enough.

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  8. I just love this. I like the idea of drawing, too. I have a stash of colored pencils I haven’t brought out in ages. And I used to draw and paint all the time. I’ve set up a mini workshop downstairs, so I’m going to start crafting tomorrow. You are doing just what YOU are doing!

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  9. Lots of reading. And I too am watching shows I’d never thought I’d watch…reality tv. Just doing the best I can to stay sane


  10. Re-organizing the closet, writing my book, tidying up the house, blogging (while the Internet is still up), getting in some nice walks while everyone is still sleeping… and maybe I’ll break out the colored pencils and do some drawing… while discussing matters with my Star Family.


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