Stop Yelling at Me

Well, the madness about the Coronavirus is taking over like a runaway train, smashing down gates, panicking everyone, along with  showing many people’s true colors.

It has also has spotlighted one of my (many) character flaws… Im getting hurt way too easily. What a baby.

You would think a chick in her mid-late-60s would have her $hit together enough to not let the panic of the pandemic rattle her cage.

Well, my friends, my cage has been rattled.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people are getting very opinionated and vocal about this pandemic. I am reading responses (this happens to be on Facebook) from people that are bordering on nasty. And like a runaway train, it keeps on going. Faster and faster.

Schools are already closed in my state, along with churches, restaurants, and activities of any sort. Now the discussion/debate is whether we should be “social distancing.” If we should stay away from public gathering places like restaurants in order to not get/spread this virus. I gave my simpleton response to someone’s FB question and was dutifully pounced on for it.

Look. I am old(er). My family and friends are either getting up here or past me. I have young kids and younger grandkids. We are all concerned. We are all in various stages of understanding something like this, and are doing our best.

But there are increasing numbers of people who are losing patience. People who are yelling and scolding online to people they don’t even know. Even people who make jokes to get through the darkness are being sent to the woodshed. The big bravado provided from behind a computer screen makes people pull that “what’s the matter with you?” card.

It makes me hesitant to post anything anymore.

 I understand the reasoning behind ultra caution. What I don’t understand is the bullying.

Look, people. I’ve survived cancer, family members dying,  car rollovers, and surgeries. I will survive the coronavirus, too, without stocking up for Armageddon.

Everybody gets it. This is a bad time for healthcare. World War II and Vietnam and the Holocaust were bad times for healthcare, too. But we survived.

There is no need to get naughty and nasty about sharing your opinions. These are your fellow human beings you’re talking to. I don’t want us to become a world isolated from itself because some still don’t “get it.”  We need to share ideas and opinions so we can learn. So we can grow.

Stop yelling at me. Or my friends. Or at people I don’t know.

Stop being a bully.

This, too, shall pass. But the hurt feelings won’t.

20 thoughts on “Stop Yelling at Me

  1. The weather changed to cold and windy now with night frosts !! But I can still make plans for when Spring comes again 😀


  2. That sounds like a beautiful way to spend a day! Tonight it’s going to be cold here, but I’m hoping that soon the warm mornings will allow me to have coffee outside on the deck as well!


  3. Yes, life is quite different at the moment. But I started with the clean-up of the garden and the greenhouse and I am repotting potplants, succulents and cacti. We have a few lovely Spring days and have coffee on the terrace…..


  4. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot just because of the nonsense going on around you! Do you have a job? Is it one that seems stable enough to ride out the madness? If so, don’t let go of your dream. If you lose your home you lose your home. But that is the worst case scenario, and we can’t live our lives with that. If you can afford your new home then move forward. Don’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow comes. You already sound smart and have planned this out. Don’t let go.


  5. I so believe that is where more of us should go. Get lost in music or a good book and let the complainers complain. I love when you say “focusing on my own internal processes.” How important that is. How important to find our inner voice and follow it. There is so much to learn off of this third dimension plane. Time to check it out!

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  6. I woke up excited that I might have an accepted offer on a home and now I just declined a counter offer because I’m too afraid of the economic impact and maybe I’ll get laid off and be underwater and lose my home. Marketing is the first things businesses cut. I’m so sad cause it was a nice house in the perfect location. 🥺 I just want to cry! I hate you corona virus!


  7. I’m just listening to a lot of Mozart and turning off the rest of the world’s crazy disagreements and conflict and focusing on my own internal processes. Self-reliance… with connections to Higher Self and Mentors.


  8. You would think such simple advice would be easy to follow. After all, we’re all in the same boat.
    But some people can’t get along with anyone for a myriad of reasons. Their reasons are theres, and god bless whatever they are, but keep them to yourself. Don’t pick on people just because you disagree. I am reading less and less discussions all over the board. Not for me. Thank you.


  9. Well said Claudia !! People show how egoistic they really are ! It’s all about me me me. I try to do whatever I can without being angry or scared. I do all our governement is asking us to do but lots of people go on as if nothing is happening cos they are young and healty or just plain stupid. It will pass this pandemic and everything will go back to normal. Just go with the flow and don’t worry too much. Take care my friend !!


  10. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    I left FB because someone complained about my posts. Whatever. If you don’t want negative comments, trim the “friend’s” list, trim the access to your page, etc. Do whatever you feel necessary to create your space. Civility has left the room for the time being until people remember or learn their manners. Treat others as you would be treated yourself, with kindness and consideration even if you don’t agree.


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