Let It Go!

I just finished an extended, magical, mad weekend babysitting my three grandkids. It was heaven. It was crazy. It was the movie Frozen twice a day for three days. It was donuts and string cheese and playing video games and cuddling. My livingroom looks like a bomb was dropped in it, and it will take me a few days to recover from early mornings and Hot Wheels. I loved it.

It also brought inspiration through my door once again. 

The warmer temperatures are knocking at the door, the sun is making an attempt to shine a little more often, and I even feel a semi-warm breeze now and then.

I’m ready to write. I’m ready to go to Paris. 

I’ve got the whining out of my system, along with the cold weather blues, the stale doggie air, the messy house I’m cleaning. I’m ready to take it all in stride and spend my off moments walking through the Trocadero Gardens or past the Varsovie Fountain. 

I realize once again that my creativeness doesn’t have to make sense. As long as it transports someone from their everyday life to something new and exciting, the sights they see along the way are just that. Sights. 

Human beings are blessed with the gift of imagination. We are blessed with all kinds of “what if’s”. What if I walk an extra block in this direction today? What if I paint these trees pink? What if I add baby bells to this scarf? What if I write a story about wolves?

We are all allowed to doubt ourselves. Nobody said our thought processes were perfect. But we should know ourselves. When we can take that chance and when we should be careful.

I cannot write a straight visit-Paris-and-fall-in-love story. I love reading them, but that’s not me. But I can write a story about a woman who sits in a French garden and has a chat with Edith Piaf in 2020. I can write a poem about faeries leaving footprints in the morning dew-covered grass.

Our imagination is endless. We cannot be afraid of it. We know what is right and wrong, possible and impossible. And between those barriers is a world of practicality and improbability. 

But for whom?

Your own creativity has taken you in directions you’ve never thought possible. You have honed your talent, expanded your horizons, and improved from the day you thought of putting paintbrush to canvas. 

And the more doors you open, the longer the hallway and the more doors appear. Each doorway takes you to a different room, a different thought.

And isn’t that the beauty of being human?

I mean, if I can sing “Let It Go” from Frozen (complete with hand and arm movements) a couple of times a day with a two-year-old, anything is possible.

What are your creative plans for the week? 

17 thoughts on “Let It Go!

  1. Take everything one day at a time. And I believe you have beautiful weather this time of year… that always makes you feel better. My forward movement writing is always day to day. So cash in on the enthusiasm when comes and rest and plan when it doesn’t.


  2. Two fairly new plays, off broadways throigh theater companies….one is called The Perplexed and the other is a who dun it…. The Headlands.


  3. Yes …. i know what you mean…… I afraid my submissions only have moments of enthusiasm, but that’s mainly due to the ups and downs of my health over the last 2 years…… feeling ok lately, and my enthusiasm is coming back…..


  4. Yes… I can be a whining bore at times. I imagine we all get those lows now and then. We need to vent, then get off the pot and do something about it. Someone like you and your kind words gives me the energy and inspiration to get going and just enjoy the ride!

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  5. That is a full plate! I admit I do so love full plates — even if I can’t eat everything at one sitting, just the thought of so many delectable choices makes life so much more fun! Which plays are you going to see?

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  6. You know — I used to research and submit all the time. I never really got published much, but that wasn’t the point. It was the point of feeling confident enough in my writing to send it to someone else. I’m still confident, but I’ve forgotten how it feels to actually see something of mine published. I want to get back into that rhythm, and you are such an inspiration to me to do so.

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  7. Creatively…blog…edit chapters…photography….going to two plays…trying to get to a library to see an exhibit…


  8. Hi dear Claudia…. I’ve not had all the little ones crawling all over me since I left Philadelphia 9 months ago…. but I under the stimulation and invigoration they inject into the system….
    Ivor is busy, busy…. a little bit of plumbing work,…. I seem to have become enthusiastic about doing submissions again, and a few recent successes has buoyed my confidence,…… and my commitments at ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ are always on my plate….. and I write an article on my own site almost every day……. oh I’ve not had breakfast yet, it’s 10.20am…. xxx


  9. My plans – to write another chapter of my Amanda in France book. I’ll be wandering the streets of Paris as well. Thanks for the kick in the pants!


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