Saturday Pretzel Thoughts

©Pretzel Logic – A Steely Dan Revue

Saturday Evening.

What are you up to? Going out dancing? To dinner? Going to try and catch a movie? Going over to your kid’s house?

Every other Saturday my husband works, so every other Saturday it’s a party on my computer.

Of course, I am online every day. I’m doing my best to organize, clarify, research, and other noble gestures that should make my future on the computer smoother and more simplified. 

Telling a pretzel logic person to become streamlined is like trying to change the flow of the river.

A friend of mine recently asked what a pretzel logic person — or pretzel person — is. She researched it online and found a lot of references to sex and sexual positions. 

I wouldn’t know about that.

As I explained to my friend,  a pretzel logic person gets to the same place a linear person does, but takes a lot of side roads and mountains and side trips to get there.

Sometimes I think I take the long way just to go to the bathroom.

I do lose patience with myself at times, especially when I’m on track to do something specific. But every room I walk through provides a half dozen distractions that need my attention as much as my final destination.

I hate being distracted all the time.

But then again, I know that’s who I am so I am never surprised if I start cleaning out my jewelry box and wind up making split pea soup. 

Hats off to you that are fairly logical. I married a logical man. He takes care of the important things. Paying bills, driving, saving money. He is an alpha male in a world of alpha males, and does his best to keep me going in the right direction. I am thankful for that.

But when he is gone three or four evenings a week, I feel like a teenager who has the house to themselves while the parents are out for the night. I do the things he thinks are …. different … like switching between slasher movies and Chinese movies with English subtitles, looking for artists for the Gallery, putting tags on posts I posted with out them, peeking at Downton Abbey, making pea soup at the same time as blueberry bread, texting family, petting the cat, eating orange sherbet from the container — you know. Normal pretzelly things.

Thank you for following my blog where it may take you. Thanks for sharing my Art Gallery artists — they are all so marvelous in their own way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and writing YOUR way on your blog. 

The world is richer for all of us — pretzel and straight alike.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Pretzel Thoughts

  1. Hi dear Claudia…. wow… this post of yours… looks like I’m having a Pretzel Logic day, and most of my days are like that..!! … out of bed at 6.30am…… turn on my computer… go to wordpress to see what’s happened overninght….. this being 15 hours ahead of New York/Philadelphia time is off-putting and confusing for me…….it’s the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ sites time…. and I should’ve checked the articles by my fellow writers there….. but I’ve still not done that yet…….. instead I got side tracked by my Instagram page….. answered a few comments there……. then proceeded to post a poem there…… and I added 4 lines to my poem from last night ‘How Many Grail’s In The Sky’s Sails’……so i had to go back to my WP site and alter the poem. and repost it……..then I remembered, I should be doing a submission to ‘Red Wolf Journal’ ,,, which should’ve been done weeks ago…… so into my gmail I go….. the submission takes nearly an hour, i send off 3 poems, and It’s a magazine I’ve not submitted to before…….I decide it’s too quite…. and I put on my music through my computer system……. then I remember, I should water my tomato bush before it gets too hot……..damn… forgot to take my blood pressure tablets…… then have a late breakfast…. what about my morning exercises….. … yep… I do them, they take about 15 mins……’s 11.30am and I’ve not showered yet…. soon be lunch-time….. hmmm…. minds ticking…. It’s time to extract myself away from this computer…. go for a walk to my Moorabool Valley Cafe, for a coffee and cake……. times flying and I’ve forgotten what I originally put the computer on for……..oh,…shower first……BYE xxx


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