Make My Day

I just have to tell you that I received a lot of positive comments to my last blog about commenting. Thank you thank you.

It seems we all have the best intentions, but ultimately run out of time to do all the things we want/need to do.

Want/need is relative, of course.

Choice has a lot to do with how we spend every 24 hours. Under the umbrella of choice falls necessities, wishlists, responsibilities, unexpected opportunities, and more.

Life is all about choice. We can always choose not to pay our mortgage or not to go grocery shopping. But the consequences to those choices are brutal.

So let’s go to the less serious choices we make in life. Do we go to the soccer game or stay home and work on the car? Do we call the doctor or stop at the store for cold medicine?

As you can see, writing and commenting on blogs are not high on most priority lists. We/I have more important things to worry about. They fall more under an umbrella called “personal gratifications.”

But those are important too.

Life cannot always be all about physical survival. I mean, it is, but it’s not. It’s also about soul building. Finding time to do the things that give our heart and soul satisfaction.

It’s the little things that make the bigger things easier to handle. And it’s the little things we need to make time for. Even when the world is passing us by, cutting our feet out from under us.

It was harder to cut out pieces of time just for myself when I was younger. I’d like to think that was because there were more responsibilities back then. 

I’ve come to realize there weren’t more responsibilities — just different ones. 

Now I fall under the umbrella of “life’s too short” and I try and get personally involved with satisfying my own heart’s song. I find myself closing that umbrella and letting everything I want to do fall around me like rain, soaking me until I can’t move. Too many pleasurable things to do, too little time.

So take a break today and pick a new book off the shelf and start reading. Start a new quilt or text someone you haven’t seen in a while. Take the long way home and watch the sunset.

Make somebody’s day. Make my day. Make YOUR day.

Put your umbrella away.

17 thoughts on “Make My Day

  1. I do think we both work well in this creative world. It is interesting the blogs I am connecting with are bringing my creativity out again A very positive thing for me.


  2. The world is full of all sorts of followers and bloggers. I love when I see a “like” on my blog. I feel even better when someone writes a response. But, like you, I feel the best when I write something that encourage or enlighten someone else. That can put a smile on someone’s face. I don’t always have a response to every blog I read, either. Some blogs just have no response, except like. I think we both work well in this creative world. Don’t you?


  3. If anyone tried to follow me they would get nowhere very slowly. I feel just knowing people are reading something I have shared is a gift for me. I love reading blogs, but some I follow and respond regualry to others I like one or two things every so often. I can not imagine responding to hundreds of comments.


  4. I think if there were 40 hours in a day there would still not be enough time to do all the things we want to do. We need to take care of ourselves and our soul things along with our house and work and family duties. I think we all manage to do a pretty good job with the time we’re given — even if now and then we sit around one evening and do nothing. Thank you so much for joining me.

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  5. Love this. It’s exactly what I need to hear when I worry about finding time to engage with other bloggers. I have to let that go, especially if mysoul is filled with other things I enjoy.


  6. I appreciate your honesty, my friend. Everyone wants more followers, but, to me, there is a responsibility to them as well. I KNOW we can’t read every follower’s blog, nor their writings or their works, but I believe we should make an effort to check out what we can. And, if we’re lucky, we connect solidly with a few like souls — like you and me! I really lucked out there!

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  7. Well said Claudia, and these days I find myself continually taking two days at a time off, away from blogging, … It helps “me”, keep my blogging time in perspective…… I really enjoy writing….. and I know blogging is an integral part of being on WordPress….. I have now accepted that the number of my followers are far too many to manage on a daily basis……. !400 on my own site… and …..5000 on the Go Dog Go Cafe site…… is bordering on impossible…….. so now I don’t stress, i just do what I can address…..a give each follower a snippet of myself when required…. and “I” make that choice… xxxx

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  8. See? The way I do things is very pretzelly… put away a handful of laundry, write something, put away a few more pieces of clothes, research art, wash a few dishes, read a few chapters — I always laugh and say if you want to get somewhere fast, don’t follow me!

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  9. Well put!! I think many of us are at that stage now. So what if the dishes and dusting don’t get done. I haven’t ironed for months. Those TBR books won’t get read by themselves!

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