Did You Comment Today?

Here in the states it is indeed again Monday. Bright sun, cold temperatures, dogs hanging around me and my sofa in case there’s any stray food to be had.

I spent some time this morning going through blogs I follow (and even a couple that I don’t) reading and commenting and enjoying their written words. And it made me think of our Monday Morning Discussions:

How many blogs do you follow? Do you read everyone you follow? Do you make comments on those you follow? Or is the purpose of your blog more for you to talk than to read?

This is not a scolding or a real survey. It’s just curiosity.

Face it. Almost all of us are here to talk. To share. Whether it’s our poetry, our painting skills, our pottery skills, or our outlook on life, WordPress is the one outlet where we can find like souls to share our passions with.

There are those who just love to read and learn and don’t have websites of their own. But most of WP’s makeup is made of those sharing and wanting to be shared. We have a passion, a gift, a thought, and feel others can benefit from what we have learned.

But do you take time to comment on someone else’s sharing?

Whether or not we agree, understand, or like, we always walk away from another’s blog with an impression. Do you ever share that impression?

Feedback feels good both ways. I know I love interacting with those who take time to share their thoughts. That’s why I try and share something as often as I can when I read other’s offerings.

 I don’t always comment daily on some blogs,such as anthonygrootelaar’s colorful designs blog MYMonkeyMIND,  or purpleraysblog which is full of inspriation, or Ann Koplow’s daily blog-with-lots-of-pictures The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally, or Catherine Arcolio’s very inspirational blog Leaf and Twig because they contribute a lot every day and I don’t always catch their latest offerings. But I do try and read and comment on those who share their thoughts and creativity at least once a week.

Their writings make my own writings better.

Even if you consider yourself merely an observer, it helps both you and the blog you’re connected to to share your thoughts or reactions now and then. It helps you sort and articulate, and it makes the creators of other blogs feel that they’re connected to you in ways not always seen by others.

Know that not every blog you follow is going to follow you back. It’s just human nature. If you followed every blog you’ve “liked” a post on you’d be reading 24/7 and not working on your own creativity. I don’t expect everyone who comments on my blogs to follow me. And sometimes I check out those who have shared their thoughts and found their path to be quite different from mine.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t make me feel better about myself.

Comment more. Share more. Even if it’s something short and sweet like “Oh! Nice!” Or “Truth.” 

Be an active part of this world. It will make you feel better, too.

26 thoughts on “Did You Comment Today?

  1. These days I’m so busy that I’m reading and commenting far less than I’d like. And it always makes me feel better to participate in your blog, Claudia. ❤


  2. That’s how I work, too. Going back to someone who either follows you or made a comment on your blog helps you find like minds. I’ve picked up a few new ones to follow just because their comment made me feel good! I know none of us have a lot of time to read, as posting and life take up our time, but I love when someone “gets” me and lets me know it.

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  3. People write and respond for a myriad of reasons. I know the subjects and tone of my blog is different than when I started it years ago. Blogs are important because they connect to others who think and appreciate the world as you do. Keep writing and connecting. Bless you for going through what you did. Your partner would be proud that you started writing. Am on my way over!

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  4. I so appreciate your comments. Like LA noted, sometimes there’s nothing you can say in response to one’s blog. I just try to comment whenever I can. There are a lot of blogs I connect to, and I like them to know I get what they’re saying. I follow 71 blogs, but some people haven’t posted in a year. That’s my other dilemma — do I drop them and find new buddies? Or leave them there in case they come back one day?

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  5. That makes a lot of sense. I agree — sometimes a checked “like” is comment enough. For someone who has an answer to everything, I often don’t have a word myself. But you do comment when the mood strikes you — that works!

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  6. As a relatively new blogger I read the blogs I follow, some I will like, as there is nothing for me to say at that moment, yet another day I may write volumes in response as it hit a chord with me. I find it difficult to find bloggers(not just wanting to sell me things) that I am interested in, and at the moment tend to look at those following bloggers I really enjoy so I will check out some of their followers and if I find a connection I will comment and follow. Or i may just like, and keep returning.


  7. Okay, that was a large packet of TOTAL goddess energy I received with your psychic thumbprint all over it. I believe it may have actually popped me out ofcthos lower astral sutuation and right on into a feminine trinity! This day will yell more — but there’s hope this morning where yestersay there seemed none at all. If you’ve got another love blast like that one in you, send it, babay!

    I’m not writing again yet, but waa able to forward some good news to readers this morning.

    Merry meet! Bright, bright blessings to you in return ☺


  8. I am a relatively new blogger in the very different arena today. I used to blog 11 years ago until my partner became ill and after he died I was understandably unable too. I had a breakdown and now I am unable to work. I see this format as a valuable and formative way for me to be able to connect and learn, share. Some are so inspirational and are slowly aiding me to rediscovery aspects of me as I move forward in croness and joining the Goddess path. blessings to you


  9. I definitely comment if the blogger asks a question. It just feels like common courtesy to me. I also like to encourage other people’s creative endeavors. In answer to your first question, I think I follow around 50 bloggers. This is a number that allows me to be an active reader without being overwhelmed.


  10. I read a decent amount of blogs. Some blogs are so complete, I don’t feel a comment adds much, so I just say good blog. If someone shares something I usually thank for sharing. I try to comment when I feel like I can add something to the discussion


  11. Ha! Skimread! I like that! And I always love reading your blogs too. I am sorry to hear about your illness, hoping reading and writing your own blog gives you strength and recovery. And, of course, you write about cats — how can you not smile about THAT?

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  12. I so agree. Combined with our own desire for creativity, plus life itself, there’s never enough time to read and write and create and work and clean and sleep. I’ve been trying to juggle all with fineness but I flounder with grace and charm!

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  13. I know — myself humbly included! I agree — we can’t comment on every blog, but sometimes it’s better to learn something then move on and learn something else! You rock on your blog!


  14. A seriously limiting chronic illness keeps me from commenting more often than I do. But I really do enjoy reading your posts and those of others I follow and ‘like’. I try to read them all but must also at times, “skim-read”.


  15. I try to read all the blogs I read everyday and comment on many. Sadly, there is only so much time I can devote, but it’s important for us all the remember that the most valuable thing you can give another blogger is a relevant comment.


  16. I follow many blogs and can’t possibly comment on all of them all the time but I do a fair amount of commenting, liking and sharing. If the topic interests me or if I have something to say I try to check in once or twice a week. I always answer all the comments on my posts. We get some great conversations going! I’ve made some amazing friends in the blog world.


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