Random Thoughts and Flat Apple Pie

~ The ‘Let’s Write That Book!’ blog series is starting Sunday, November 17th — not 16th — as this editor realized. And I’m the one heading the series …. sheeh….


~ Second wonderful day of retirement and I’m feeling sick and worn out. I wonder if that’s a psychological letdown or a medical paradox? I still feel like I’m on vacation and have to report to duty next Monday. That always made me feel sick…


~ Don’t teach your dog to bark at squirrels in the bird feeder if you don’t let them bark 24-7. My husband taught (as a joke) and we’ve been joking at 6 a.m. for the past few months. Now that I can sleep in it’s not so funny.


~ We dropped our Dish TV subscription and have been living through Amazon Prime and a pretty decent TV antenna. I have to watch my favorite TV shows through my computer hooked up to the TV now, which I don’t mind, but I’m finding I am caring less and less about all those TV shows that I had  to keep up with when I had DISH. I’d rather listen to music or watch Chinese TV series with English subtitles now. Strange turn.


~ The further I get from actually going to Paris, the further I am getting from writing book about going. I am hoping this is a temporary pause due to real life circumstances, but all the research and daydreams and twists in the story just make me tired.


~ Writing is making me tired.


~ I have to learn to cook all over again. With hubby on night shift and me coming home before he leaves, either he’s cooked and left it for me or I was on my own for dinner. Cans of ravioli aside, I haven’t tried to be Julia Child in quite a while.


~ Do you go through ebbs and flows like this too? Does time bring you back where you want to be? 


~ Think I’ll go make a Flat Apple Pie. Dessert is good for the soul.


17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Flat Apple Pie

  1. I think we all ebb and flow through this magnificent gift called life. It’s too bad some of us don’t get that until later in life. But I am thankful for the highs and lows and the confusion and the clarity. I know you are, too.

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  2. When I retired from my job, after working for 48 years, I slept for a week. It took me a while to get used to not going to work. You need to slip into it slowly. and of course, bake a flat apple pie. xo


  3. Ofcourse you can’t clean a house in a day, certainly not at our age.!!!! Just think you have a holiday until the day you were supposed to retire and see this time as an extra bonus, you can do what you want, when you want and if you like Christmas a lot you have all the time to prepare for it now, the cleaning does not run away (unfortunately :D) You have my e-mail address, you can always write to me if you want to, ok?


  4. I do appreciate it! I retired officially from public school teaching/admin. etc. in 1999. Then I slowly eased out of the working world. First I supervised student teachers at the college level. Then i volunteered to teach illiterate adults to read (a very rewarding experience). And after my husband retired and we moved here to MT, I tutored a young man from Pakistan. Helped him get his GED, get political asylum, and a driver’s license, etc. You know, once a teacher, always… So, yes retirement is a gradual process. It’s finding new niches. It’s continuing to live for a purpose. It’s sharing your gifts. It takes time to navigate the nuances. But it really is a wonderful life! I love having the freedom to stay in my pj’s til noon if I wanna 🤪


  5. I think you are a bit in shock. Just give it a bit of time and listen to your body. Just go with the flow and enjoy !!


  6. No, time doesn’t take me back… it moves me forward to where I want to be. You’re in a transitional state – and forward is your momentum. Cherish it!


  7. Ha! Flat Apple Pie is just the premade pie crust laid flat out on a baking pan with edges (so the goo doesn’t spill over the sides) with 3 apples chopped and/or sliced, mixed with a sugar/cinnamon/nutmeg mixture, then covered with the other pie crust, poked to let the steam out, sprinkled atop with sugar, and baked at 350 for 30-40 minutes or until brown. I don’t fancy all the goo inside of regular apple pies… I’m more a fan of the crust. So it’s the best of both worlds for me. And 46 chapters is a lot of chapters! Be sure all 46 are going in the same direction — no wandering around with side stories. Sounds intriguing to me! Can’t wait to hear more!

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  8. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Flat apple pie? What’s the recipe? I’ve been retired for 3.5 years. And have written 46 chapters of a book. You’ll get used to being ‘retired’. You can set your schedule and take up things you’ve always wanted to do.


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