Henry the Search Cat — Katzenworld

Did you know? Me neither! Fun on a Thursday!

The post Henry the Search Cat appeared first on Katzenworld – Welcome to the world of cats!. The cat who finds lost cats Hello, humans. My name is Henry. I’m a Search & Rescue cat. Well, actually I’m in charge of the Search part. The Rescue bit is up to my partner, the Lost Cat…

via Henry the Search Cat — Katzenworld

5 thoughts on “Henry the Search Cat — Katzenworld

  1. Well I have no experiences with cats but from what I hear from cat owners is that their cat just does what she wants to do. And that they are clever and want to be treated like royalty lol !!!


  2. I thought cats were untrainable but some people have a special gift I suppose, like a cat whisperer ? haha


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