If You Can Do It I Can Do It

Been away for a weekend, loving every minute of it, now needing a vacation from my vacation.

But once reality sets in, when the kids go back to school and the weather starts to change, I start to think about my own dreams and desires and how time flies before you get a start on any of them.

Do you have dreams and desires and goals you have set for yourself that you haven’t quite reached yet? Are you doing anything about them? Are you saying “Mmmyeh…what comes comes…” and half way giving up since you believe they weren’t meant to come true anyway?

Or are you working on those dreams, manifesting your inside outside and really going for the gusto?

A friend of mine in here is a wonderful abstract artist, Anthony Grootelaar (MyMonkey Mind). I’m going to feature him in the Gallery soon. He has so much art created I’m sure he could wallpaper a mansion. I love his colors and his approach and his experiments and his plans. Here I am, telling him he should have art shows and go to art fairs with his wares and all these other extra-curricular things that he probably already has done.

I get pumped up when I see other’s successes.

I know a few other poets through this blog that are marvelous writers. I’m always telling them to publish a book of poetry or offer it on their blog or at book fairs. I’m all for the excitement and sharing of their talent with others.

I know painters, furniture makers, writers. They all are extremely creative and moving forward with their Art.

Yet where am I on my own cosmic sharing scale?

I would like to think that I, too, have a special talent that’s worth sharing beyond my personal computer or now and then on my blog. Yet I cringe when I think about sharing my talent.

For what if it’s not talent?

Why is it so much easier to be enthusiastic about someone else’s work?

There is so much beauty out there — so much creativity. So many new ideas. Forms of expression. Shining stars. I am all for others sharing their souls with the the world. After all, ~I~ am in love with their work — why wouldn’t others be?

But when it comes to our own work, we are our own worse critics.
I’ve been both ways. I’ve thought something was fantastic and it was terrible; I’ve thought something not that great and it was well received.

We will never know the extent of our greatness until we put it out there. And keep it out there.

We have to develop a thicker skin, that’s for sure. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and all. But more than that, we have to be willing to learn. from our creativity. To correct, to erase, admit we made a wrong choice, and start again differently. Better. Smoother.

I have so many plans for my future creative self. Things I want to write, art I want to make. And I want to share it with others. Maybe even sell some of it.

I know I can do it. I just don’t know if I have the patience to see it through.

But you all have taught me something. If you  can do it — I can do it. If you are thinking about it and working on it, I can be thinking and working on it too.

Let’s say together it in Morgan Freeman’s voice!

I think you can do anything you want!

10 thoughts on “If You Can Do It I Can Do It

  1. I think anyone who works in fibers is amazing. I have seen such beautiful works from quilting and embroidery. Those take a steady hand and infinite patience. I can just imagine the enjoyment you’ll find un painting when you get there. Keep going! Im going to check your blog soon!

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  2. Love love this! Children.. especially young children .. have no expectations of being a good or bad artist. They just Do It. Something we all can learn from. Thank you for a feel good response!


  3. What sparks YOU!?! Sing it, write it, draw it, paint it, sculpt it, dance it, breath it, be it. Here is one idea, take one topic, image, or theme and create from in a minimum of three different ways/mediums….this is child inspired, this art/play-based process is explored with preschoolers! First they draw, then they might paint, then they’ll go three dimensional.


  4. Writing is always first, although I haven’t written anything new in a while. I want to make these hanging ropes out of fishing line and mirrors and crystals I’m calling Angel Tears. I also have some painting on small canvases I want to do. Guess that’s for starters. You?

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  5. Thank-you so much Claudia for thinking of me when you need an exemplar of something positive… truth be told i must express myself out in the world artistically …the judgement of others I fear less …..than the psychological morass I quickly sink into without a daily artistic workout to strive for, value, the good, and the beautiful through my active choices. I look forward to seeing the things that interest you.


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