Chatting With Spirit Guides

I have a few spirit guides I call on now and then for advice.

Usually it’s for writing. Sometimes it’s to talk out ideas about travel or how to gather information or how to process something artsy.

I had a younger male slave dude from ancient Greece for my first novel. For the second and third in the series I’ve been consulting with a rather large, carefree woman from France. I’ve also mused with an Italian Renaissance gentleman when working with erotica, (someone I haven’t seen in quite some time, I confess), a dime novel writer from the ’30s for a shorter novel, and a Chinese philosopher who nudges me to watch Chinese and Japanese movies about ancient warriors with English subtitles to get ideas of other worlds, other cultures.

Sometimes we have great conversations driving home from work or walking around the back yard. When I get stuck on how to approach a certain time period or way of thinking,  they’re there to bounce ideas off of.

Sometimes they’re off helping someone else and tell me they’ll be right there. As if spirit guides aren’t omnipotent.

They are spirits from the past, from past generations, past dynasties, past worlds. Important people and simple people. You would think the airwaves would be jammed with spirit guides filling every possible frequency, trying to communicate with willing human beings. But as I have discovered, this world and other worlds are not jammed at all. You call, they’re there, often with fresh ideas and lots of idle chatter.

Of course, common sense tells us when I’m talking to spirit guides I’m really talking to myself. Making up another personality to converse with. Perhaps that’s where split personalities or multiple personalities come from.

But I’m content to name my “common sense” side with a personality that I can learn from. Someone who “gets” me. Someone to help me through rough transition passages and quirky personalities that are not my own.

Putting a personality to a spirit guide helps me get through the rough patches of my writing life. They tell me things I already know but don’t always know I know. And when they really want me to figure something out they have me do research.

I don’t have anyone to really bounce writing problems off of. Sure, I have friends and family whom I can dump on for personal stuff, but no one that gets how important my work is to me. Writing may seem like a solitary experience, and to most it is. But when I get stuck, when I wonder why someone did what they did, they are there to give me an answer. To make sense of what I’m confused about. And it does help.

Too bad they don’t have an answer for the madness of the world today, too.



8 thoughts on “Chatting With Spirit Guides

  1. The “world” is developping fast, really fast. I sometimes think of the people who are “frosen” hoping that one day they will be able to make them alive again; well I think they’ll immediately die of a heartattack if they see how the world changed in just 50 years !!


  2. I would say every image I’ve seen from you is perfect, but I guess you need to be the discriminating eye, or else you would have a book full of 3,000 beautiful images! And the unseen world is amazing. I can’t even say enough about my awe. Microscopic, telescopic…I was wondering the other day how machines were created to make something (I don’t remember what), realizing how … amazing .. (I’m stuck on that word) the modern world is. And that’s just what we can see.


  3. I always tell people that there is a lot our eyes can’t see, ours hears can’t hear and that we can’t feel everything, there is so much our brain can’t understand…..example; we wouldn’t have known about viruses and bacteria if we didn’t have microscopes
    As for my photobook, it is under construction, I am going trough thousends of photographs on my pc, it is a huge job as I want the photo’s to be perfect 😀


  4. Yes. These “guides” are not substitutes for God or the Goddess or whomever you believe in — I believe they work separately yet in line with the good of the universe. No judgement..just thoughts. And sometimes we don’t have anyone that gets us enough to give us good feedback.


  5. Oh, we do! And I just chose spirit guides — there are angels, friends, people whose auras are still with us — they all guide us. They are someone to help us clear our heads when we have no one else to talk to. And they are the ones who encourage our creativity…so listen to them!


  6. I suppose we all consult our other ‘side of the moon’ every now and then. I think I use my dream-time world as my other personality to talk to…. the power of imagination is a wondrous thing to tap into uninhibited …


  7. They may not give us the answers as we have to figure it all out by ourselves, we need the experiences, the good and the bad.


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